Wednesday, February 26 2020
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Is a health and wellness enthusiast.

10 Facts about Dopamine Hormones

Dopamine hormones are chemical compounds in the brain that play a role in conveying stimuli throughout the body. This hormone affects various human activities, ranging from the ability to remember to move the limbs. The dopamine hormone is also …

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Benefits of Grape in Red Wine Drinks

Even though it contains around 12-15% alcohol, red wine drinks have health benefits if they are not consumed in excess. Some of the benefits of red wine are preventing cancer and diabetes, improving memory, and maintaining heart health. Red wine is …

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Tips for Maintaining Large Brain Function

There are various ways to maintain brain function so that it still works well and optimally. In addition to eating healthy foods, there are several activities to train your memory and sharpen your brain's abilities that need to be done in your …

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Itchy Breast Nipples, Maybe This Is The Cause

Maybe you have suddenly felt itchy nipples. The itching can be mild and severe. Here are some of the causes of itchy nipples and how to overcome them. Itchy breast nipples are caused by several factors. It can be due to dry skin, or the most severe …

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