Wednesday, July 17 2019
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Revealing the Benefits of Sulfur for Health

Sulfur is one of the important components that can provide protein intake to the body. Natural elements in the compound are even believed to be able to treat various kinds of problems that appear on the skin. Not only that, garlic, onion, eggs, and …

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These 7 Habits Can Damage The Kidney

Who would have thought, it turns out that kidney disorders do not only occur in those who are elderly, this condition can also be experienced by young people. Without realizing it, some daily habits can actually be a trigger for kidney …

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6 Complications of Stroke You Need to Know

Stroke is one of the highest causes of death. Even if the sufferer can survive, there is a possibility of a repeat stroke or disease complication that can reduce the patient's life expectancy for up to two years. "Various studies have shown …

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