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Foods for ulcer disease is available at home

Stomach ulcers are often a sudden relapse of course very disturbing daily activities. In order not to get worse, you also need to select and know the various foods that are well consumed for patients with heartburn. Stomach ulcers are generally …

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How to prevent less blood with peach fruit

In general, the symptoms of blood loss is not a core disease at first just like that, there are many other diseases that underlie the incidence of symptoms of blood, can be from malignant diseases such as cancer or also due to poor nutrition of …

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The right snack eaten after exercising

In addition to exercise, food has an important role to balance and support the goal of exercise. Including food consumed after exercise. When you finish exercising, you need nutrients to fill your energy and build muscles. There are some foods that …

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Diet tips for healthy diet

One of the notions of diet is the foods you consume regularly. There are several ways to make a healthy diet, one of them by building a healthy diet. Diet for a healthy diet involves nutritious food choices and making it a daily routine. Diet for a …

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Meditation, healthy way youth to stress free

Many people are now interested in the practice of meditation. This one activity is healthy, and suitable for all ages of children, teenagers, and parents. The benefits are many if you are diligent in doing meditation every day. Reported by …

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10 Things to know at the first breastfeeding

For a mother who first gave birth, breastfeeding is the most anticipated moment. Because breastfeeding is not just a process of nutritional fulfillment of the Little, but also as an effort to strengthen the bond between mother and …

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