Wednesday, April 14 2021
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4 Safe and healthy ways to whiten the skin

Everyone is born with different skin types and colors, influenced by genetic factors. Some people are born with white color, yellow, brown, brown, to black. All of these colors are determined by a cell called melanin. Every skin color in humans is …

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Tips stay slim for breastfeeding moms

How to keep breastfeeding mother can keep body shape so as not to stretch and stay slim? Check out the following tips!   Most breastfeeding mothers experience changes in body shape, so that their weight increases and the body widened. For you …

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Easy way to get away from saturated fat

Essentially, fat plays a role in supporting the functioning of the body. But there is a kind of good and bad fats. Ideally is to continue to consume good fats and avoid bad fats. Fat that is potentially bad for the body is that many contain …

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