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Salt Diet To Avoid Stroke and Heart Disease

Although needed by the body, consuming too much salt or sodium can actually increase blood pressure. So that salt intake is not excessive to interfere with health, do a salt diet. For those of you who want to do a salt diet, avoid consuming fast …

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Health Psychology Benefits

Psychology summarizes all information about mental problems, thoughts, and human behavior that occur around. Covering a variety of scientific disciplines, information about this psychology can be closely related to health problems which, if not …

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Nutrient Content and Benefits of Peas for Health

The benefits of peas for health need not be doubted. These foods contain many nutrients that are important for the body and are able to prevent heart disease and cancer. Peas, Latin name Pisum sativum, are often served as complementary ingredients …

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Various Quick Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Without proper treatment, uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause dangerous complications, such as strokes and heart attacks. Know how to quickly reduce high blood pressure, so that your health condition is maintained. The quick way is meant, …

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How to Reduce Air Pollution in The City

There are many ways you can do to minimize pollution in the city, especially air pollution. At present air quality in many major cities in the world does not meet world health standards. Awareness of pollution hazards in the city must be increased …

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