Monday, May 17 2021
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Learn More About Yellow Spots in the Eye

Yellow spots in the eyes often cause anxiety. Besides disturbing appearance, yellow spots on the eyeball are also not infrequently causing discomfort. What exactly is this yellow spot and how to treat it? Yellow spots in the eye are generally …

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Causes of Lumps on the Back of the Head

There are many reasons for the appearance of a lump behind the head. Although generally not dangerous, you should be alert when the lump is accompanied by headaches, vomiting, bleeding, or if the size continues to grow. Lumps behind the head can …

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5 Tips to Avoid Bone Damage in Old Age

You need to know that all of the body's organs function will decline with age. This condition also occurs in bones, the tissue that is important to support the function of body movement will also experience a decline in function. As a result, …

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