Sunday, January 20 2019
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Already found, a cure for chronic migraine

Researchers expose drugs to chronic migraines already found. Is this drug powerful? Find out more here. Chronic migraine sufferers must be happy after hearing that the drug to overcome migraine suffered has been found. This will certainly help them …

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6 Unnecessary body parts often frequently cleansed

Ideally, you should take a shower, wash your face, and brush your teeth twice every day morning and night before bed. Taking care of the cleanliness of the body is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. The more you are diligently taking care of …

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7 Ways to eradicate stress by calming the mind

Stress relates to overall physical health. This condition can affect the physical and even cause the emergence of various health problems, such as heart disease. You can stay away from these seven ways of calming the mind. Symptoms of stress can be …

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Blood type A, Fact from medical side

The blood type you have is determined by the substance in the blood (which is inherited from both of our parents) which is on the outermost surface of the red blood cells in the body. This microscopic substance interacts with the immune system that …

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Causes bloody anus and how to overcome it

Bloody anus can make the sufferer feel afraid. This condition is usually noticed when looking at blood-filled stools, or when there are blood stains attached to tissues, pants, and toilet after defecation. The blood that appears on the bloody anus …

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