Thursday, February 25 2021
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Benefits of Antioxidants from Tea and Coffee

The benefits of antioxidants for health are preventing damage to body cells due to free radicals and preventing certain diseases. Apart from fruits and vegetables, antioxidants can also be obtained from coffee and tea. Both of these drinks even …

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Advantages and Risks of Eating Saccharin

Saccharin is one type of artificial sweetener substitute for sugar. Even though it has a sweetness of up to 300-400 times stronger than sugar, saccharine contains low calories. This is the reason why saccharin is often used by diabetics. Although …

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Causes of Body Abnormalities with Biopsy

A biopsy is a medical procedure that is used to detect abnormalities in body tissues using a microscope. This procedure is performed by a doctor to get a picture of the body's tissue shape and diagnose certain diseases, such as cancer. To find …

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Beware of 9 Habits That Can Disrupt Brain Health

Difficulty concentrating, easy to forget, or slow to understand certain things? Don't rush to blame the age factor. Maybe you often do habits that risk disrupting brain health. The brain is an organ that has a very important function and is …

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