Thursday, November 26 2020
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HIV Skin Rashes Don't Be Underestimated

HIV skin rashes are quite common and are experienced by about 90% of people with HIV. Some types of skin rashes are mild and harmless, but others can be dangerous. One of them is a rash caused by an allergy to anti-HIV drugs. HIV skin rash is a …

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Various Benefits and Ways of Laughter Yoga

Want a healthy body but you feel that sports torture? Wait a minute, you haven't tried yoga laughter. This sport is not only fun and makes the heart happy, but also brings many health benefits. As the name suggests, laughing yoga is a type of …

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Pubic Hair Function and How to Take Care of it

Pubic hair is hair that grows around the sex organs. This hair starts the body when entering puberty, and has an important function for the health of intimate organs. Pubic hair, like the hair on the armpits, mustache, and beard, will generally …

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People Who Wake Up Morning Diligently Happier?

Some people find it easier to go to bed early and wake up earlier, while others prefer to sleep late and wake up late. This choice may be related to each person's circadian rhythm or biological clock. However, a recent study found that those …

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Alert! These Signs of Meningitis in Infants

Babies are prone to meningitis because their immune systems are still weak. If you don't get immediate treatment, this disease has a high risk of causing the baby to experience disability, developmental disorders, and even death. Therefore, …

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Viewing the Benefits of Spa for Health

The benefits of the spa are not only for body and mind relaxation, but it is also good for health. Some of the health benefits of spas are to clean and brighten the skin, reduce joint and muscle pain, and improve blood circulation. The density of …

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