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Orthorexia, Obsession with Healthy Food

Eating healthy foods is very good for your health. However, for some people, being too focused on eating healthy can become obsessive and turn into an eating disorder known as orthorexia. Like other eating disorders, orthorexia has severe …

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7 Symptoms of Your Brain Aging Faster

The brain is one of the vital organs of the body. Just a little bothered, your daily activities will undoubtedly be hampered. However, with age, the brain's ability will not be the same as it used to be. A variety of problems will arise, one of …

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Pain When Urinating Beware Of These Conditions

Pain when urinating can be a sign of a problem with your urinary tract. This condition can be felt as a pain, discomfort and pain in the passage of urine, behind the pubic bone, bladder or prostate. Immediately find out the cause and deal with it …

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8 Months Pregnant: Prepare Yourself for Labor

8 Months of pregnancy is a time when you have to determine where you are going to be, with what method, and prepare if you have to undergo surgery. Not only preparing baby gear, during this 8 month pregnancy you also need to be prepared to train …

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5 Effective Ways to Ban Nail Fungus

Have your toenails been attacked by nail fungus? Or maybe, you are experiencing it right now? Although it looks simple, nail fungus is one of the health problems that must be addressed immediately. This condition can damage the appearance of your …

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Keeping Joints Healthy To Be Free To Move

Daily activity may be limited if you have joint problems and have to deal with stiffness and severe pain in the joints. Before you follow a few tips for maintaining joint health, recognize the role and workings of joints in the body. Healthy joints …

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