Friday, September 18 2020
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Can I Wear High Heels when Pregnant?

Despite being pregnant, many women who want to still look fashionable, for example by wearing high heels. There is no prohibition for pregnant women to wear high heels. However, there are still things that you need to consider. Wearing high heels …

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Recognize the Dangerous Risks Due to Broken Ribs

A rib fracture is a common injury caused by a blow or impact to the chest, for example, due to falls, traffic accidents, or sports. Rib fractures can be fatal, especially if the ribs break into pieces and injure organs in the body. Ribs consist of …

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Saving a Baby With Diarrhea From Dangerous Risks

Diarrhea babies tend to be more at risk of complications than adults who are experiencing diarrhea. Diarrhea infants can become dehydrated quickly, even within two hours after diarrhea begins. This condition can be very dangerous, especially in …

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High Creatinine and Kidney Health

Creatinine is a chemical waste molecule that results from muscle metabolism and consumption of meat formed from creatine, an important molecule for muscle energy production. Substances that flow through these blood vessels are filtered by the …

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Fertility Diet and Food to Get Pregnant Fast

Maybe some of you who have problems having children have tried various ways to speed up having children. From medical methods, alternatives, herbs, and even food. Many assumptions say that eating foods such as sprouts, shellfish, garlic, and others …

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