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Causes of pain In epigastrium and tips to overcome

Have you ever felt pain in the upper part of your stomach accompanied by nausea or flatulence? If ever, you could have a heartburn. At least, there are six common causes that can trigger pain or pain in the solar plexus. Check out the following …

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Causes of watering eyes and how to overcome them

When blinking, the glands on the eyelids will produce a little tear to moisturize your sense of sight and remove foreign objects from it. Production of tears becomes more when you yawn, laughing out loud or crying. But, there are some people who may …

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Know your skin type and how to take care here

Recognizing facial skin types is very important to help you choose the right product and how to care. Let's refer to the following reviews. As with most skins, facial skin types can be divided into several categories, namely normal skin types, …

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Practical ways to prevent painless while driving

Driving remotely often makes a person stricken. How to prevent? For the driver, stiff while driving is a frequent complaint and very difficult to avoid. These complaints usually occur in the back, neck, and legs. Stiff most often arises from being …

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