Friday, May 24 2019
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7 Ways to prevent children from being obese

Every parent is always expecting their baby is always in a state or healthy condition, but sometimes unhealthy lifestyles make a child experience health problems, such as obesity. For some parents, having a fat child can be fun. There is also a …

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10 Foods that make skin healthier

You must have acne or other skin problems, such as dry or oily skin. No doubt that food is also influential you know. Skin is one of the organs of the body that we must also maintain health. Maybe all this time you think by using skin care products …

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Psychotherapy to overcome mental health disorders

Psychotherapy is not only used as a method of treatment in people with severe mental disorders. Various changes in other mental health conditions such as depression, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, emotional disorders, and drug dependence …

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It's body feeling if You have high cholesterol

During this cholesterol is often regarded as one cause of health problems are quite complex for the elderly. But it turns out everyone has to undergo cholesterol tests at least when they are older than 20 years. Blood tests for at least once a year …

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Recognizing stroke symptoms when pregnant

A stroke is a serious event that can occur during pregnancy. Of every 100,000 pregnant women, two to 70 of them will have a stroke, depending on the source of information. This may make strokes appear rare, but this indicates that every year several …

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