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Know the related things with tooth extraction

Tooth removal is an action to remove teeth from the gums. The act of tooth extraction is usually done on a troubled tooth and can not be repaired again. The action of tooth extraction is performed by the dentist, with first anesthesia performed on …

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Really morning sickness indicates baby's gender?

Some believe that the sex of the baby can be known through morning sickness experienced by pregnant women. Is this true? In ancient times, many pregnant women who can only guess what the sex of the baby in the womb until the birth process arrived. …

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Sensitive skin impact and tips to overcome

One of the most difficult types of skin care is sensitive skin. When you choose the wrong product and care for sensitive skin, your skin will become inflamed and experience worse condition. It is very vulnerable because sensitive skin can be very …

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How to prevent sprue to never go back again

There are various ways to prevent canker sores are easy to do, among them by maintaining oral hygiene and lead a healthy and nutritious diet. Check out more tips here, yes! Thrush that appears on the lips or in the mouth can be very annoying. Pain …

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