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First Aid on Asthma that Must Be Known

If you or a family member has asthma, it is important to know the right ways of first aid in asthma. Thus, you do not panic and know what to do if an asthma attack suddenly occurs. Asthma can make it difficult for sufferers to breathe. When an …

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High Leukocyte Causes in Pregnant Women

The number of white blood cells or leukocytes can vary depending on age and body condition, including pregnancy. Pregnant women generally have high levels of leukocytes. This can be seen in the results of routine blood tests during …

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12 Causes of Urinary Pain

Urination should provide a sense of relief, because you have just removed the remaining substances in the body. But in some people, urination can be very painful so it is memorable to give torture. Painful urination cannot be underestimated. …

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Oolong Tea, Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

In the past, scientists have studied the potential benefits of green tea for breast cancer. They found that certain components of green tea have an anti-cancer effect. The new study tries to analyze other types of tea, one of which is oolong tea, …

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