Wednesday, February 26 2020
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Efficacy Seaweed for skin beauty

Not only popular for consumption, other grass is also one of the favorite ingredients for cosmetic products and skin care. To treat the skin, seaweed's properties have long been recognized and utilized in the West. Not only in the West, in Asia …

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Caution, sleep light can be bad for health

In a day, how long will your eyes be exposed to the light? In the office, maybe your eyes are exposed to lights about 8-9 hours. When you get home, your eyes will be exposed to the lights again. Most likely the length of time you are exposed to …

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Your baby is dehydrated? Here's the danger

Heard the word dehydration, which comes to mind must be the condition of the body lack of fluids. How can a baby get dehydrated while she continues to drink milk? Make no mistake, it turns out infants aged at 0-6 months can also be dehydrated. The …

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Excess milk almond compared to other milk

Lately, almond milk is increasingly favored by people in the world. There are already many people who try and end up consuming almond milk regularly. In 2015, TIME created a poll involving 5 health experts about their views on the benefits of …

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