Friday, June 21 2019
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Wake Up More Morning Lower Breast Cancer Risk?

What time do you usually get up early? Do you include a morning person, or even the most hobby of getting up in the afternoon? According to the latest research, women who have a habit of getting up early turned out to have a lower risk of breast …

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Healthy Lifestyle Affects Your Biological Age

Have you applied a healthy lifestyle so far? As you often hear, a healthy lifestyle is done to protect the body from various diseases. More than that, the lifestyle also turns out to make you young. That's because a healthy lifestyle also …

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Beware, These 9 Habits Can Trigger Diabetes!

Diabetes is certainly not foreign to your ears. There are many factors that cause diabetes that make a person suffer from this disease. Diabetes is an abnormal condition of the body's metabolism so that the levels of glucose in the blood and …

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