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Want a piercing? make sure security first

Piercing done some people for the reason of appearance or art. The commonly pierced body part is the ear. In addition, some people like piercings in the nose, mouth, tongue, eyelids, nipples, even the genital area. Body parts that are pierced will …

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Bedtime clutter? Let's fix it with these 8 tips

Not a few who feel his sleep time fall apart because of certain conditions. For example, due to overtime work, traveling to places with different time zones. In the Webmd, it is explained that everyone has a regular sleep schedule called a circadian …

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The benefits of sauna and its dangers

There are many ways that human beings can do for their health. Sauna bath is one of them. Among modern people, sauna baths seem to be a necessity and a part of lifestyle. Eve, especially those living in big cities, many do sauna bath as a complement …

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Various causes of male libido decline

Decreased libido often makes a man lose self-esteem and interfere with intimacy of marital relationships. If you experience this, there is no need to worry too much. Decreased male libido can be handled in several ways. Decreased libido does not …

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