Monday, February 17 2020
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Foods That Cannot be Stored on The Refrigerator

Storing food in the refrigerator is used as an alternative to prevent food rot in fresh conditions. However, there are foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator, some of which are bread, spices, potatoes, onions, soy sauce, tomatoes, …

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This Type of Food Can Make You Older Faster

Who doesn't want to look young? Everyone must crave the same thing for women or men. We do everything in order to look younger than our actual age, even though the aging process cannot be avoided by anyone. There are a number of things that …

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9 Bad Habits That Can Trigger Acne

Almost everyone wants clean facial skin without acne blemishes. However, that certainly cannot be achieved easily. You need to routinely treat and maintain facial hygiene. However, it turns out that there are some daily habits that seem to actually …

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Recognize 7 Dangers of an Unhealthy Diet

Having a slim and ideal body is certainly everyone's dream. Therefore, it is not surprising if then many men and women try various ways to lose weight. But unfortunately, because of limited knowledge, not a few who fall into the wrong diet. …

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How Effective Is Breakfast Helping to Lose Weight?

Experts say that breakfast is a phase of eating that should not be missed because it has various benefits. In fact, some believe that breakfast can lose weight. Breakfast has been recommended for a long time so that someone has the power to undergo …

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These people are vulnerable to meningitis

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord. This condition can happen to everyone, but most often attacks infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. If left untreated, meningitis can cause blood …

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