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Coronary Heart : Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

Coronary heart disease is a condition when the main blood vessels that supply blood, oxygen, and nutrients for the heart become damaged. Usually this condition is caused by cholesterol plaque and the inflammatory process.

The formation of plaque causes narrowing of the coronary arteries and decreases oxygen water to the heart. This is what can cause chest pain.

Because the formation of plaque has occurred for decades, you will not realize it until it actually provides the clinical symptoms of chest pain.


The diagnosis of coronary heart disease can be done by interview, physical examination, or laboratory examination. Several types of examinations for this disease, namely:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

This examination is done to detect abnormalities in the heart rhythm.

  • Echocardiogram

This examination is done to determine the extent to which the damage has an effect on heart function.

  • Stress test

If you have risk factors, your doctor will recommend a stress test. On this examination, you will be asked to walk or have a static bicycle while the doctor will measure heart activity with an ECG.


The main symptoms of coronary heart disease are:

Chest pain (angina)

Heavy pressure or burden felt on the chest, like someone standing on the chest. This pain usually goes away with rest.

Hard to breathe

If the heart fails to pump blood throughout the body, symptoms of shortness of breath can arise.

Heart attack

Heart attacks occur when there is a total blockade of the coronary arteries.


Treatment for coronary heart disease includes lifestyle changes, and if necessary, drugs and other medical procedures.

These lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, consuming high-fiber and low-fat foods, routinely exercising, losing weight, and avoiding stress.

Drugs commonly consumed are cholesterol-lowering drugs, aspirin, beta blockers, and nitrates.

In addition, there are also surgery that can be done - such as a heart catheter and heart artery bypass.


The cause of coronary heart disease is when damage occurs from the inner lining of the arteries. This is caused by:

Some risk factors that cause coronary heart disease, namely:


As you age, the higher your risk of arterial damage.


Men are more likely to experience coronary heart disease.

Family history

Having a family member with coronary heart disease increases your risk of experiencing the same thing.

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