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10 Invisible signs of bipolar patients

is not a condition that can be underestimated. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016 there were about 35 million people affected by depression, 21 million exposed to schizophrenia, 47.5 million affected by dementia, and 60 million exposed to bipolar.

According to a report published in the Huffington Post, the number of people with bipolar worldwide is estimated at 5% or about 450 million people.

Know bipolar

Bipolar is a type of psychiatric disorder or mental disorder characterized by extreme mood changes or disturbances, including changes in energy and body functions. Bipolar is divided into three types, namely type I bipolar disorder, type II bipolar disorder, and cyclotimic bipolar disorder.

Bipolar sufferers have very intense and extreme episodes of emotion at certain times. Patients can feel the episodes of different moods, in the form of episodes depresif, beads, and hipomanik that occur alternately.

In depressive episodes, sufferers will tend to have profound sadness, no excitement, depression and it's like not wanting to live. In manic episodes or excessive delight, the sufferer may have a very high spirits, full of unusual ideas or ideas, looks very fiery, and also very happy. While the hypomanic episode is the phase when the sufferer does not experience the overwhelming feeling of intense as before.

Seeing the invisible bipolar mark

It is important for you to understand your own body condition, especially when it comes to mental health. If you really have bipolar, it's possible that you can do collaborative maintenance with close friends and family that can be trusted.

That way, you can identify the signs of upcoming episodes, so get immediate treatment if the condition gets worse.

If seen from the understanding, this disease is almost the same with mood changes that often occur in general. But what distinguishes it is the intensity of the phase. Bipolar patients usually will often show these emotions on a severe scale even if they can not control their own emotions. Of course if left continuously will cause psychiatric sufferers to be disturbed. To find out this disease, it is better if you know the characteristics of Bipolar Disorder first.

Drastic Diet Changes

Another thing that is seen from bipolar sufferers is the diet that changed drastically. Without obvious reasons and reasons, his diet can go up or down dramatically.

Easy to get angry

Easy get angry

Bipolar sufferers often experience irritability, this is the same as people with depression in general. In the depressive phase, often bipolar sufferers have a fairly sensitive liver. Everything nearby was unsuitable and uncomfortable for her. So for those of you who are close to people with bipolar people would be better to be careful when communicating.

Losing Interest In The Things He Loved

Bipolar sufferers often begin to lose interest from the things they like. All hobbies, interests, and even activities that often do begin to be avoided even without a clear reason.

Feeling Pleased Over

Another feature of bipolar sufferers is the excessive pleasure they exhibit. They will feel excessive pleasure especially if they managed to get something they want. But the pleasure is quite excessive, making people around him do not really like it. It is associated with nerve changes that occur in the brain.

Her Mind Fluctuate

Another characteristic of Bipolar Disorder is the unquestioned thought. Bipolar disorder is related to the performance of the brain, causing the sufferer to experience changing thinking at any time. For example, in this minute they think A, then a few moments later they think to be B. So if his bipolar disorder relapse, then make the mind becomes fluctuate and make others can not guess it.

Often moody

The first features of Bipolar Disorder are often moody. One characteristic of bipolar disorder sufferers is his moodiness. This mood becomes one of the signs of depression you feel. As mentioned before, bipolar itself is the effect of depression that never resolved causing disturbances to your psyche. For that it would be better not to let your depression take too long.

Away From the Crowd

Another thing that is often seen when people experience the phase of depression is to start withdrawing from the crowd. They suddenly do not like when in a crowded environment, making himself more happy and comfortable to be alone.


Bipolar sufferers also often experience psychosis, so that they can not distinguish between the real and the unreal in their own minds.

Drastic Energy Loss

Drastic energy loss

Bipolar sufferers often lose their energy drastically, even though they are doing nothing. Even the most severe, they can feel limp to not be able to leave the bed within a period of days.

Productivity Becomes Down

Bipolar disorder can make his life becomes decreased, even the level of productivity. Usually this often happens in the depression phase, making it difficult to recognize even difficult to control.

By getting to know each episode through its distinctive trademark, you'll know the right tips and handling. In addition, studying the above signs is also relevant to minimize the effects that occur in advanced episodes.


Overcoming bipolar

Until now, there is no known exact cause of bipolar disorder, although some studies indicate the role of genetic factors. In other words, the presence of family members who have bipolar disorder can also cause a person susceptible to experiencing the same condition.

Extreme states of stress, such as being left behind by a beloved partner, experiencing certain traumas, experiencing severe natural disasters, etc., contribute to the triggering of bipolar disorder. In addition, various studies have also found out that there are certain genes in the human body that undergo mutations that cause this disorder.

Bipolar disorder can not be prevented, but the most important thing is to recognize prematurely bipolar symptoms, so that it can be treated before the disease becomes severe and dangerous. Control of episodes of bipolar disorder is crucial to ensure that sufferers can live their full lives.

Do not let yourself end up in a bipolar condition. Learn any signs that lead to this mental disorder, and do not hesitate to go to a doctor or psychiatrist immediately if you have one. You do not want to experience a decline in the quality of life, do you?

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