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10 These Conditions Are Vulnerable When You Ride On A Flight

Being able to travel by plane is an exciting, stressful experience, while at the same time you can experience things that you have never felt before. Traveling on an airplane can also speed up travel time compared to traveling by car or by sea transportation mode.

Unfortunately, behind the ease and speed offered, boarding a plane also makes you vulnerable to various health problems.

What are the health problems that are vulnerable to being boarded? Here are some of them:

1. Dehydration

Being in a room that has air conditioning with closed circulation, such as in an aircraft cabin, can make you dehydrated. This is because of the low humidity in the cabin which makes the eyes, skin, nose and throat dry faster.

2. Headaches

Oxygen pressure which tends to be low in the cabin can cause headaches. As said by the director of global aviation health medical for travel and medical services company, Paulo M. Alves, MD.

"Lower oxygen pressure in the aircraft cabin is equivalent to an altitude of 6,000 to 8,000 feet. The oxygen partial pressure drops, resulting in mild hypoxia which can cause headaches in some vulnerable people," he said.

3. Swollen legs

Sitting in a narrow place for hours can affect blood flow throughout the body. One complaint that can occur as a result is swelling in the legs, including the wrist. In addition, the risk of blood clots called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) also increases when blood is not circulating properly.

"In that position (on the plane), the blood vessels in your legs are pressed so that the blood flow cannot pass through," Dr. Alves.

4. Make the stomach full of gas

Research has shown that boarding a plane can cause an increase in gas in the stomach. The Aerospace Medical Association says, your body gas can increase up to 25%.

5. Ear disorders

Along with the increase in gas in the stomach, the ear will probably feel the effect of shifting air pressure. This situation can make you experience hearing loss.

6. The taste for the tongue decreases its function

Conditions in the aircraft cabin can cause dryness in the mucous membranes of your mouth and nose. This condition can affect the sense of taste, so it cannot feel anything.

"Dry mouth can reduce taste sensitivity," said president and CEO of Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, Quay Snyder, MD, MSPH.

7. Dry skin

Dry skin occurs as a complication of dehydration. The use of skin moisturizing lotions can reduce this effect. Also, don't forget to drink water to keep your body hydrated. You can also wash your face when getting off the plane.

8. Bad breath

When the body lacks fluids, saliva production will experience obstacles. This causes the mouth to experience dryness, thus encouraging bacteria to develop and cause bad breath.

9. Disrupt the circadian rhythm

Traveling internationally by plane can disrupt your circadian rhythm. This condition, also known as jet lag, is very likely to occur if you travel to a country with a considerable time difference.

10. Toothache

Although rare, boarding a plane can also cause toothache. This happens as a result of body gas trapped in the tooth cavity.

Many health problems are vulnerable due to boarding a plane. However, you don't need to worry too much. All of these things can certainly be minimized or really prevented. The most important thing to pay attention to when boarding a flight, never violate any regulations set by your chosen airline.

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