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12 Causes of Urinary Pain

Urination should provide a sense of relief, because you have just removed the remaining substances in the body. But in some people, urination can be very painful so it is memorable to give torture.

Painful urination cannot be underestimated. Because the situation can be a sign of a dangerous condition, such as:

1. Urinary tract infection

Pain when urinating is a common complaint in cases of urinary tract infections. This situation usually occurs due to the presence of bad bacteria that enter and disrupt the human urinary tract.

2. Kidney infection

The left urinary tract infection can cause the bacteria to "swim" until it reaches the kidney. If this happens, the kidneys will get an infection so that the pain that occurs when urinating will also get worse. In addition, sufferers can also experience complaints of fever, cold, nausea, vomiting, and urination that are dark, bleeding or odorless.

3. Painful bladder syndrome

Called interstitial cystitis, this condition is when the bladder wall becomes irritated. As a result, the bladder will swell and be sensitive. Your stomach and pelvis will also hurt.

Someone who has interstitial cystitis will complain of obstructed urination or urine only comes out slightly, also feels burning in the lower abdomen or genitals. This complaint can get worse when the sufferer holds urine or has sexual intercourse.

4. Kidney stones

Kidney stones are very painful, especially if they are large and block urine flow. The pain waves produced by kidney stones can spread to your back or between your hips and ribs.

5. Fungal infections

This situation occurs when your body has too many types of fungi called candida. This situation can cause a burning sensation around the genital area when urinating or having sex.

6. Chlamydia

These bacteria can move and infect if you have sexual relations with someone who has previously been infected. This situation can cause a burning sensation when you urinate. The patient's penis or vagina also often secretes urine that is not urine.

7. Prostatitis

Prostatic is a condition when the prostate is swollen. This condition is very painful and makes it difficult for you to urinate. People with prostatis will experience bleeding or cloudy urine, and pain in the groin and lower abdomen during defecation or ejaculation.

8. Vaginal atrophy

This situation can occur in women when they experience menopause. Vaginal atrophy is thinning and inflammation of the vaginal wall. When it occurs, vaginal tissue will slowly begin to shrink and thin out because the body has decreased estrogen. This condition can cause pain when you urinate, itchy, there is a burning sensation, and pus comes out from urine.

9. Urethral stricture

Urethral stricture is a narrowing of the urethra, which is usually caused by inflammation. This condition makes the sufferer urine dark, feels pain in the lower abdomen, and causes problems with urinary tract infections.

10. Douching

This is cleaning the vagina by spraying a special liquid into the female area. Douching is not really a problem as long as the liquid content used is safe. It's just that, many women spray water mixed with vinegar, iodine, or baking soda. Experts say it is a bad idea because it can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria, so that it can cause infections that make urine painful.

11. Cancer treatment

Chemotherapy or radiation around the lower abdomen due to cancer treatment can present a burning sensation in the bladder. This situation can certainly cause pain when urinating.

On the other hand, surgery to remove a tumor in that part of the body can also cause irritation and increase the chance of infection.

12. Tumors

Although rare, a tumor, whether malignant or not, Tetao can make urine feel painful, especially if it is located near the bladder or urethra. The presence of a tumor in that part also makes you urinate more often.

The causes of urination hurt so much. If you experience this complaint, you should immediately consult a doctor. Thus, the cause of complaints of painful urination that you experience can be ascertained and appropriate treatment can be given immediately.

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