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4 Benefits of Collagen Powder If Used Every Day

Collagen is a type of protein that is beneficial to humans. This protein is involved in organic structures that build bones, teeth, joints and muscles. Even so, collagen is more popular as a substance that is beneficial for skin health.

Collagen provides a structure to the skin that works in conjunction with another protein called elastin. These substances are useful to make the skin more elastic and restore damaged cells. One of them is wound healing.

So, where can collagen be obtained? Foods containing vitamin C are one source of collagen. In addition to food, certain supplements such as collagen powder can also provide benefits for the content.

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How does collagen form in the body?

Inside the skin, there are a number of special cells that produce mini molecules called pro collagen by processing vitamin C and proteins that have been absorbed by the body. During the production process, each of these molecules sticks to each other and forms fibrils. Fibrils are thin strands made of minerals and vitamins that resemble thread fibers. Fibrils then grow and turn into fibers that attach to skin cells, functioning like anchors. After these fibers are formed and anchored correctly, the fibrils then work to support the structure of the skin and provide the characteristic elasticity.

The body can produce its own collagen consistently. But this ability will continue to decrease with age. Exposure to sunlight and pollutants can also inhibit collagen production. Similarly with the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol. People whose body lacks collagen can be identified by the appearance of skin that starts to sag, and fine lines and wrinkles arise. Depletion of the body's natural amount of collagen has been linked to a number of health problems.

In order to support increased collagen production, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Like all proteins, collagen is made of amino acids, some of which cannot be produced by the body so it must be obtained from a healthy diet - for example proline, anthocyanidin, vitamin A, vitamin C, and copper. Smooth blood flow also plays an important role in collagen production, so that the body can produce enough collagen. You also have to exercise regularly.

Reporting from Prevention, getting used to consuming collagen powder can actually provide special benefits for your body. Anything? Here are four routine benefits of consuming collagen powder.

1. Gives full effect

Two spoons of collagen powder can fill your body's protein needs of up to 20 grams. Collagen powder tends to have no taste and can dissolve completely in liquid. You can also add it to a variety of foods and drinks, such as snacks and coffee.

2. Strengthens the joints in the body

Some people who consume collagen powder are considered capable of feeling special properties, including the health of bones and joints. About three weeks after consuming collagen powder, those who feel pain in the joints of the body will be free from the pain.

Not only overcoming pain, consumption of collagen powder can also strengthen and eliminate the condition of your body joints that have joint problems, sometimes hearing a crackling sound in the aching joints every move. With collagen powder, this sound can gradually disappear.

3. Improve intestinal health

Collagen powder is believed to be able to cure the intestine from damage caused by consumption of various types of intake, especially antibiotics. Discomfort such as stomach cramps and other similar conditions can be overcome.

4. Promotes blood circulation

Collagen supplements can strengthen blood vessel structure and increase its elasticity. Thus, the benefits of collagen to fortify blood vessels can help increase blood flow to and from the heart. The smoother your blood circulation, the more oxygen and nutrients sent to the skin so that the appearance of your skin looks healthy, young and radiant.

5. More radiant skin

The deterioration of the skin condition in the body and face, such as blemishes, wrinkles, to dullness, can be easily overcome by collagen powder. Its properties can even rival the moisturizer that you normally use everyday.

As you age, collagen in your body decreases so that wrinkles, dullness, and eye bags appear on your face. In an effort to fight the aging process, collagen powder can be a powerful solution.

6. Improve hair health

Hair health is one of the benefits of collagen that should not be missed. Collagen is a major component in hair growth. Collagen functions against free radicals that can affect the texture, growth, and thickness of your hair.

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7. Cure wounds and injuries

Collagen is needed to repair and rebuild connective tissue to support the development of strong muscles, skin and joints. Collagen also strengthens the structure of bones, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. Collagen supplements can encourage muscle mass to regenerate and help you recover faster from sports injuries.

Even so, you need to understand the safety of consuming collagen powder by understanding the content of the product. For this reason, it is very important for you to read the content explanation that is usually printed on the back of the product. Consider wisely, do not consume too much.

As a counterweight, you can eat natural foods that are rich in collagen content. The following includes:

  • Dark green vegetables
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Soy
  • Berries

So, as long as you eat at a reasonable level, collagen powder can have a significant effect on the body, especially the skin, you. Like maintaining skin firmness, healing wounds, and removing spots and dullness on the face. However, don't forget to balance your daily intake with the natural food sources of collagen providers.

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