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4 Safe and healthy ways to whiten the skin

Everyone is born with different skin types and colors, influenced by genetic factors. Some people are born with white color, yellow, brown, brown, to black. All of these colors are determined by a cell called melanin. Every skin color in humans is basically determined by five things: 

  1. The red oxyhemoglobin
  2. Reduced hemoglobin which is bluish in color
  3. Melanin is brown
  4. Keratohialin
  5. Layers of stratum corneum that has a yellowish or grayish white color

 Whiten the skin

Of the five skin-building materials, the most decisive color of skin is melanin pigment. The more pigment melaninnya, the darker the skin color. 

The amount of melanin pigment in the skin is determined by several factors, namely race, individual, and environment. the power of sun exposure is directly proportional to the skin color of the population (the stronger, the darker the color of the skin). Genetically true skin color is not too dark can change due to exposure to sunlight every day.

How to whiten the skin a lot done 

To get white, many people are willing to do many ways. Some of them are: 

Injection of high doses of vitamin C. Vitamin C is able to whiten skin by inhibiting the production of melanin so the skin will become whiter. However, high doses of vitamin C will make your kidneys work harder. 

Gluthatione (GHS) high doses. Similar to vitamin C, gluthatione can be useful as an antioxidant and inhibit melanin so the skin can become whiter. However, be careful with the use of high doses that until now still untested safe to use. 

Use of a cream containing hydroquinone. Use of this hydroquinone should not be arbitrary without doctor supervision. If the doses used are not suitable, the skin will become more irritated and burning sensation. 

It is important to remember that basically how to whiten skin by inhibiting melanin is not recommended. This is because melanin has a function to protect the skin from malignant exposure to ultraviolet (UV). 

A healthy and safe way to whiten skin 

Whitening skin is safe not by not changing the color to be whiter, but more to make skin look brighter, healthier, and shine. Below are some tips for whitening skin safe.

1. Eat foods that are high in antioxidants 

Antioxidants have no doubt the benefits to the human body, especially for the skin. Antioxidants can prevent free radicals that can damage the quality of the skin, one of which can cause the skin becomes darker. Antioxidants can be obtained from various types of vegetables and fruits that you can consume every day.

2. Consumption of sufficient water

 consumption water

About two-thirds of the body contains fluid, which makes the water plays an important role in the body to function optimally. All the cells in the body organs need water, not the skin. Water can keep skin moist so the skin does not look dull. Adequate consumption of water can make skin look bright, smooth, supple, and healthy. Consumption of at least 2 liters of water a day can help brighten the skin as well as moisturize it.

3. Always use moisturizer 

The moisture of the skin can disappear as your activities both outside and indoors. Continuous exposure of air conditioners around you can also make the face dry and dull. Using a moisturizer can help skin lock oil to keep its moisture awake.

4. Use of sunscreen is important

 use sunscreen

Sunlight can make your skin look duller. Use sunscreen every morning and evening to avoid and counteract UV exposure that can make skin dull.


Four ways to whiten the skin described above can be easily applied daily. Basically, skin bleaching by interfering with melanin activity in the body is not recommended by the medical world. Therefore, in addition to using the product or perform certain procedures to whiten the skin, consult with your doctor first for evaluation and optimal handling.

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