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4 Symptoms and Causes of Skin Cancer You Need to Know

Skin cancer can occur to anyone, knows no age, old or young. The case of this disease is fairly high in the world, although the resulting death rate is not very significant.

However, the skin is the easiest organ to be seen in plain view, so it is not difficult to detect abnormalities in the skin early.

Skin cancer occurs in a cell in the body that grows uncontrollably. The abnormal cell growth then spreads to the surrounding tissue to affect blood flow or lymph nodes to other areas of the body.

This spread is called metastasis. The wider the metastasis, the more difficult treatment to cure cancer. Conversely, the smaller the cancer cells are formed, the better the rate of healing.

Some things cause skin cancer

1. Exposure to direct sunlight

Sunlight containing UVA and UVB can damage DNA in human skin cells. Sunlight usually starts affecting the DNA of genes that control the growth of skin cells. If you are too long and too often exposed to sunlight, you can be at greater risk of skin cancer.

Then, sun exposure tends to be the most dangerous at certain hours, such as above 10 to 5 pm. If you routinely leave the house without using sunscreen, it can also increase the risk of cancer in your skin.

2. Darken the skin with a UV device

Darkening the skin or commonly known as tanning, is one of the causes of skin cancer that often occurs. This is believed because the tanning tool uses UV lights to make the skin darker. As noted, if exposure to UV light directly and continuously can cause the skin to experience premature aging.

It's good, tanning is not done too often because it can adversely affect the skin. Even if you have done it, you can consult a doctor to reduce the risk of skin cancer. You also can use some medical drugs that are useful to repair skin cells after tanning.

3. Infections that are usually caused by chemicals

Injured skin (burns, ulcers, or new wounds) and then exposed to chemicals or UV light, can be one of the triggers of skin cancer. Chemicals that cause skin cancer include arsenic and petrollium. Although not too high risk, but still it can cause cell damage to the skin.

4. Smoking

It's been widely known, if smoking harms health. Besides lung cancer, skin cancer can also be one of the threats. According to experts Archives of Dermatology, if smokers have a weak immune system, they are usually susceptible to cancer cells.

5. Exposure to radiation

Yes, besides some of the causes above, radiation also plays a large role in the causes of human skin cancer. Because the use of X-ray radiation long enough will cause conditions such as basal cell naevus syndrome or xeroderma pigmentosum. Where both conditions are very risky for skin cancer. Usually this condition is often experienced by people who undergo chemotherapy, or are in a factory environment that has high radiation.

Be aware of the symptoms of this skin cancer

Of all types of skin cancer, melanoma is the most deadly, rare, and usually marked by a mole. Therefore, people are often deceived and do not realize that the mole they have is a symptom of melanoma.

The other types of skin cancer are non-melanoma skin cancers such as basal cells or squamous cells. This type of cancer is more common than melanoma. The following are signs and symptoms of warning you might have skin cancer:

1. Red spots

The red spots that appear may be itchy and flaking, making them look very horrible like dry skin. When you have these cancerous skin lesions, the immune system will respond to these abnormal cells. That reaction can cause redness, inflammation or crusting on the skin.

2. Open wound

Basal cell carcinoma can also appear as a bleeding, open, or even hollow wound. This condition can cause interference in other organs, especially if it is located close to the eyes or mouth.

3. Red and scaly bumps

Squamous cell carcinoma can appear as a rough red or brown spot that can resemble warts or scabies. This kind of lump, looks like a wound or lesion on the skin.

Usually a lump cannot disappear in a few days. This condition must be addressed immediately before it worsens and seems disturbing.

4. Resembles a small crater

Symptoms of skin cancer which is squamous cell carcinoma can also resemble a small crater. The shape is similar to a shallow volcano with blood spots in the middle.

Like basal cell carcinoma, this cancer usually does not turn off the sufferer, but can damage and cause disability. If you find one of these signs, immediately consult a doctor.

Pay attention to your skin. Never underestimate skin disorders that appear, however small. Perform early detection by checking during a mirror, so that you can find out the abnormalities that exist as an early sign of skin cancer.

Skin cancer cannot be considered trivial. The earlier it is found, the greater the success rate of treatment. So, if you notice any unusual changes to the skin, immediately consult a doctor for proper early treatment.

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