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4 Types of drinks that must be consumed after childbirth

After childbirth, usually a woman is required to take a total break from daily activities and routines. The reason, childbirth is a struggle that drains a lot of energy, even life becomes a bet.

No wonder, every woman who has just given birth is strongly recommended to sleep more and eat healthy food in some time. In addition to eating healthy foods, there is also an easy and effective way to restore the energy of women after childbirth.

How it is sufficient intake of nutrients with some types of healthy drinks after the birth of this:

1. Turmeric

Turmeric juice

Spice this one kitchen has a content that is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial that can accelerate the healing process after childbirth. Its efficacy has been proven, to the extent that turmeric is highly recommended for those who give birth by Caesarean way. How to reduce the taste and aroma, you can add pure milk into the turmeric water.

2. Stew of Fennel


Fennel is known as a medicinal plant whose oil is used as one of the components of telon oil. This one plant is not familiar because it is quite rare and difficult to find.

Especially for those who have just given birth, fennel stew is very effective and has been proven to accelerate the healing process and provide additional energy. Healthy beverages after this one of birth also need to be included in the list must be consumed.

4. Spinach juice

Spinach juice

Spinach juice is very fresh and has many health benefits. For those of you who just gave birth, it would be nice to regularly consume spinach juice. The content of iron and other macro nutrients possessed spinach juice is believed to fight fatigue and weakness due to exhaust energy postpartum.

5. Warm Milk


Healthy beverages postpartum this one is often consumed by most pregnant women. Unfortunately, not a little too wrong, because eating milk that has been cold. Because the milk is good in meeting the needs of breast milk is warm, so than that immediately spend the milk and do not wait for cold.

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