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4 Ways to Change Anxiety to Positive Energy

Anxiety will certainly be very disturbing to those who experience it. This condition can be triggered by various things which then make someone tend to be afraid of facing something. However, this anxiety turns out to be converted into positive energy if you know the right way.

Either because you will face an exam, face a special day, or for other reasons, anxiety can come over you. Anxiety can indeed be experienced by everyone, and this can take place continuously.

Anxiety is a feeling of nervous, worry or fear. Everyone must have felt anxious at some point in his life. However, for some people this feeling can continue for a long period of time.

The long-term anxiety will certainly be very disturbing. In the end, excessive anxiety can make you tired and difficult to concentrate.

On the other hand, anxiety can help you. With a note, if the anxiety experienced is not excessive or lasts long.

Anxiety at a certain level can still provide good benefits if overcome in the right way. For example, worrying before an exam is good, because it makes people who experience it more alert and alert.

Tips for turning anxiety into positive energy

So, indeed, anxiety is not always bad. As long as you know how to turn it into positive energy. The following is how:

1. Review your anxiety

When you are anxious, what you think for the first time might be ways to calm down. However, this is actually not the right way to deal with anxious conditions.

You need to know, trying to stay calm when anxious is not easy. Because, the middle heart in the pumping condition is so fast. Instead of trying to be calm, you should review your anxiety feelings.

This was previously examined in a 2014 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Participants are asked to do tense tasks, such as doing math problems, singing or speaking in public.

There are some people then reinterpret their anxiety as something fun. As a result, people who face the above tasks and respond to them happily can do their jobs better than those who try to calm down.

2. Understand emotions

Sweating palms, feeling tight, heart pounding, and breathing turning fast is a type of physical response when you may feel anxiety. However, these symptoms turn out to be similar to the symptoms that are related to other emotions that are more positive.

Between worry or pleasure, your body experiences the same level of arousal. Thus, it means that you can change anxiety as a positive energy.

3. Adoption of the mindset of opportunities

Every time you feel stressed about something, your body will change to fight-or-flight mode to deal with possible dangers. This stage is an automatic response that blends with your DNA and occurs naturally.

But part of the success of transforming your anxious nerve into a positive energy force includes switching from a threatening mindset to a mindset of opportunities.

Instead of seeing fight-or-flight as a threat response, it would be better if you consider it as the body's way of preparing how to overcome the challenges.

4. Imagine success

During the period of anxiety, the brain will tend to focus on the negative effects of the situation that will occur. Because in a matter of seconds, you can easily turn on every worst case scenario.

In fact, if you do the opposite, which is more focused on the positive, the anxiety can actually be a motivation in itself. This was also explained by Jonathan Alpert, psychotherapist and author of "Be Fearless".

"Actual pain and anxiety can also help you feel stronger and provide comfort. It depends on how people handle it," he said.

According to him, if anxiety is strong enough to arouse fear, it means that the condition is also capable of producing positive energy. So, take advantage of existing anxiety by visualizing something positive. A study in 2018 published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology shows that creating a calm and peaceful picture in your mind can reduce anxiety.

It's possible that visualization of feeling happy or successful is very effective in removing anxiety. Because when imagining positive things, the brain becomes unable to distinguish between real memory and imagined memory, so that anxiety will also decrease. This is as recorded in a study in the journal Neuron in 2012.

In fact, psychologists have also used visualization techniques to help athletes overcome anxiety for decades. A 2012 study published in the journal Psychiatric Annals showed that athletes who were trained to visualize positive results improved their performance.

Thus are some ways you can change anxiety into positive energy. The key is how your brain and your response to anxiety are transformed into something that makes you more enthusiastic in facing difficult challenges.

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