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5 Benefits of yoga that can make You a better leader

Being physically and mentally healthy is everyone's dream. Instead of taking medication solely for health, you can do yoga. This sport is no longer foreign, especially for you who live in urban environment. Among other types of sports, yoga can be regarded as one of the oldest sports in the world because it has existed since thousands of years ago.

Unlike other types of sports such as jogging or gym, yoga movement is relatively quiet, although there are several different types of yoga. But bottom line, this one sport not only keeps your physically healthy, but also builds a more relaxed and relaxed mind.

The benefits of yoga for mental health may be unquestionable. Even the latest findings say that yoga is also useful to train leadership skills, especially in leading yourself. This is good for everyone, especially if you are a worker who is haunted by deadlines and confused over time. Then, how can yoga train these skills? Check out the reviews in this article.

Benefits of yoga to train self-leadership

Yoga is one of the physical activities that have developed since thousands of years ago in India. This physical activity involves many elements, such as meditation, breathing exercises, balance abilities, and body flexibility. All these elements must be achieved in order to balance your emotions, soul, mental, and also your overall health.

Yoga benefits in fact not only limited to it. Sara Canaday, a leading expert, career strategist, and author of You - According to Them, explains to Psychology Today about the benefits of yoga that can also be used to build leadership concepts.

Here are some reasons why this one activity indirectly can also train your self-leadership.

1. Strong but humble

Humility makes you self-motivated to learn to continue and open up. Research also shows that humility is one of the most important qualities of leadership to get people from diverse backgrounds to feel involved.

Unfortunately, humility may not be the first word that comes to mind when we think of successful leaders. Sometimes, a leader's strength and courage are the center of attention.

However, yoga shows us that strength and humility can go hand in hand. This is reflected in the Humble Warrior's pose. It is said like that because his movements can increase stamina like a strong soldier. This movement involves an element of submission, but still requires extraordinary strength and balance.

2. Sharpen the focus

During some yoga moves, the trainer applies a drishti technique or eye focus to keep their attention from going nowhere. Indirectly it aims to dispel interference, helps to build focus, concentration, and also self-awareness.

In the world of work, every day you are certainly familiar with the interference, whether technical or non technical disorders. Various existing disorders certainly should not be used as a barrier to work optimally. Well, you can apply drishti techniques to yoga to improve your focus and concentration in work.

3. Grow self-awareness

Most people may consider yoga as a sport to flex the body. Though indirectly, this physical activity also helps you in growing self-awareness. Yes, yoga helps to hone the ability to determine your true thoughts and feelings at times.

In short, yoga is a means to reflect, process, and clarify all your thoughts and feelings. This is reflected before you start a yoga class. Yoga instructors often say "focus on yourself" or "double check yourself ".

Interestingly, many people do not realize that the choices they make so far are actually the fruit of their own hearts and minds. That is why it is important for you who want to try to be a good leader to look back on your experience so far. The reason, the experience will grow your self-awareness of how you act so far.

4. Rest and recovery

Yoga classes usually end with a pose called Savasana. This pose is arguably the most comfortable in a yoga practice session because it usually only asks participants to lie down without moving. Even so, many people who can not wait to follow the pose savasana to complete because they feel bored to be silent in a movement that takes a long time. In fact, this pose is not present without purpose.

Savasana is a pose designed as a means of meditation to gather energy and learn how to let your body and mind relax. In short, savasana stresses the importance of rest and recovery.

In work, being a hard-working and dedicated leader, it would be wise to ignore the needs of oneself, one of them rest. This means giving yourself time to rest and recovery is important. Even these two things can bring you to work more optimally in playing the role of a leader.

5. Respect others

Generally, after practicing yoga coach you will close the exercise by saying 'Namaste' which is accompanied by the motion of clasping both hands. It is not without meaning and purpose. Namaste is a very meaningful word. Namaste literally means 'I bow to you'.

In yoga, the sentiments of the word are often expressed as 'the highest within me bowing to the highest in you'. It is a beautiful reminder of our relationship with others, and about the value that is within each person.

Well, the philosophy of 'Namaste' is also how good it always be remembered when you work as a leader. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, as the world becomes more interconnected, leaders must become more collaborative. The leader is also required to have the ability to think broadly, open up to various points of view, and combine it as a solution.

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