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5 healthy foods apparently can trigger obesity

Not a few people who think, eating healthy foods that are low in calories will not trigger obesity. This also makes them not think twice about eating a lot of salad, with an abundant sauce, to stay slim and healthy. Or make fruit juice by adding spoonfuls of sugar.

Though these methods can actually make healthy food unhealthy. Diet can also fail miserably. Instead of being slim, the scales quickly jumped. In order not to be "fooled", here are five healthy foods that can trigger obesity in your body.

Obesity is a medical condition in the form of excess fat where the body accumulates in such a way as to cause adverse effects on health, which then decreases life expectancy and / or increases health problems. A person is considered to be overweight if the body mass index (BMI), which is a measure obtained from the division of body weight with the square of the height.


How is it possible, fruits can make obesity? All fruits are rich in vitamins, water, fiber and antioxidants, although some types contain more sugar and calories than others. Mangoes, grapes, bananas and cherries are among the sweetest and most high-calorie fruits.

Fruits will actually not make you fat if consumed in moderation. However, the habit of processing fruits into smoothies or juices with excess sugar, even other additives like condensed milk, can disrupt your healthy diet.


Nuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin E, and fiber - but they also contain lots of calories. A quarter cup of almonds, for example, contains 132 calories. Measure the right portion so that you get positive benefits from consumption of nuts.


As long as you do not add a variety of tempting toppings such as croutons (slices of fresh bread baked to crispy), candied nuts, thick sauce, salads are still safe for consumption. This habit of adding various kinds of toppings can increase the risk of obesity in the body. Anyway, putting lots of cheese and dried fruit into your salad isn't the right thing either.

Energy bar

Energy bar contains high sugar and carbohydrates. Eat one while not doing any activity, then you will feel a satiety effect that is quite significant because of the two contents.

Energy bars are not ideal for daily snacks. It can be useful if taken after you exercise more than an hour. When cycling for a long time, for example, you have to stop and eat a half-cut energy bar to have enough energy to pedal to the house.


Starting the day with a bowl of cereals can give you whole grains, fiber, protein, sugar and sodium that are both filling and healthy. It should be noted, your cereals must contain at least 3 grams of fiber and no more than 10 grams of sugar per serving. Whole grain content is also important.

In addition to the type of food, the right way of processing also affects the nutrition of the food.

It is important to pay attention to techniques in food processing because it can affect quality. Choose foods that are steamed, boiled, or sauteed with a little oil. The method of frying, grilling, and burning is less recommended because besides containing a lot of fat, it also damages the nutritional value due to high heat.

Consumption of healthy food above with the right amount and method so as not to trigger obesity.

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