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5 Healthy lifestyle for lung cancer patients

No one in this world wants to be sick, let alone suffer from dangerous diseases such as lung cancer. Even though lung cancer has been diagnosed, it is never too late to stay optimistic and start positive things as part of the treatment you are undergoing. There are five healthy lifestyles for lung cancer sufferers who are highly recommended to apply.

Many people think that people who have cancer should not exercise, especially lung cancer patients who have respiratory problems. In fact, exercise can actually help treat cancer more smoothly and effectively.

Applying a healthy lifestyle can help you optimize the treatment that is being undertaken, while continuing to inject new spirit. Conversely, if you are discouraged, then do not care anymore about a healthy lifestyle, treatment will not only be useless. The money spent will be in vain, and the disease may very well get worse.

Therefore, optimize lung cancer treatment by implementing various healthy steps. Although it looks simple, but if done wholeheartedly and consistently, the five healthy lifestyles below will help your treatment process.

Healthy lifestyle for lung cancer patients

Stop smoking

Indeed, not all lung cancers are caused by cigarettes. However, everyone knows that smoking can damage the lungs and have a significant effect on health, while reducing your ability to breathe. Also avoid being passive smokers to increase your chances of recovering from cancer.

Eat well

When you have already developed lung cancer, the most important thing about eating is not about taste and texture, but about nutrition and calories. According to clinical health instructor at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine of the United States, Jonathan Goldman M.D., the body uses protein to regenerate and rebuild cells damaged during treatment. So, it is important for lung cancer patients and other cancers to consume sufficient and digestible protein, for example fish, poultry, or lean beef. Remember, don't process meat.

In addition, choose foods that have low glycemic. The glycemic load itself is an estimate of the amount of food that will increase glucose levels in the blood. Fiber can not be missed. Instead of consuming packaged juice, it is better to choose pieces of fruit or smoothies. If you want to snack, choose snacks like red rice cakes with almond butter, oatmeal, and apple sauce into your healthy snack list. Want more choices? Better ask a nutritionist to manage your healthy diet while undergoing cancer treatment.

Do breathing exercises

Many lung cancer sufferers have difficulty breathing so they quickly feel tired. Therefore, do breathing exercises to increase oxygen supply to the lungs and the whole body.

The trick is not difficult, just by breathing through the nose, then breathing again using the mouth twice as long with the lips slightly pursed. Do this as often as possible. This exercise is alleged to be able to keep your airways open longer so as to increase airflow during physical activity. As a result, you will no longer feel tired easily.

Pay attention to the side effects of treatment

When lung cancer patients undergo treatment, there are usually side effects that will arise. Therefore, report all side effects that are very disturbing comfort and activity, so that doctors can regulate the best dosage to alleviate the side effects caused. If you keep quiet and do not tell the side effects you feel to the doctor, treatment can be useless because it can cause other "illnesses" as a result of side effects of your treatment.

Don't forget to take your antimicrobial medication

When starting treatment for lung cancer, your doctor may prescribe additional medications to treat nausea. Yes, nausea is a common side effect of lung cancer treatment. That way, if nausea hits, you can immediately drink it. Don't forget to follow the dosage recommendations.

If you want to try a more natural method, cut the ginger and inhale the aroma to deal with nausea. Besides being inhaled, you can also drink a cup of ginger tea or swallow ginger capsules to relieve the symptoms of nausea.

Tips for exercising for safe lung cancer

Here are tips for keeping your sport safe and not causing problems when done:

  • Listen to your body. Know the limits of the body's ability, if you feel tired then you should immediately stop the activities you are doing. Give the body a break and time to rest. If you have, you can start physical activity slowly again. For example, starting to walk leisurely, if you get tired immediately stop.
  • Use a pedometer. Pedometers are tools to measure how many steps you have taken. This will make you motivated to exercise and you know how your body is capable of every day. Make an increase every day, of course it does not need a drastic increase, just slowly so that your body is trained and getting stronger every day.
  • Improve body posture. To keep the skeleton and joints healthy, you must also pay attention to your posture every time you make a move. For example, when sitting down, try to hold your back straight and not bend. This will reduce the risk of joint problems that you may experience. To practice it, you can practice yoga regularly.
  • Stretching and cooling. Do not forget to do these two things in each exercise, so that your muscles are not shocked and tense.


In addition to applying the five healthy lifestyles above, lung cancer patients need to have good stress management skills. Don't look at the disease as a final verdict. It's never too late to start a healthier life. Live cancer treatment accompanied by the support of your family and the closest people so you stay motivated. That way, the chance to recover is also higher!

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