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5 Mistakes When Sports Make You Older Fast

In order to get a youthful appearance, people try to avoid stress, eat collagenous foods, and diligently care for the skin. However, there are other ways that cannot be overlooked, namely sports. But be careful, wrong techniques in sports can actually make you look old fast.

Exercise can promote blood circulation throughout the body, including the skin. Smooth blood flow to skin cells will nourish the skin cells and provide oxygen intake, so the skin looks healthier and more attractive.

However, there are also those who complain about the opposite results after exercising regularly. Instead of getting younger, its appearance tends to age. Well, as reported by RD, it seems that this can be caused by various errors during the following sports:

Only focus on cardio exercise

Many adults who prioritize cardio and ignore weight training. In fact, according to a dietitian Tiffany Dewitt, doing weight training that can tighten and strengthen muscles, so that it can have a positive effect on your appearance.

"It's been proven that weight training can help you maintain muscle strength. Now, strong muscles will make you look younger. " After all, weight training can also prevent a decrease in muscle elasticity due to age.

Don't control stress and anger

Sports can indeed relieve you from stress. But if you continue to rely on exercise in a state of stress, the expected lasting effects will not be maximal.

So, before running on a treadmill or starting to lift weights, try doing meditation or yoga that prioritizes breathing exercises to stabilize your emotions.

Crazy exercise until you forget to rest

Jav Asaro, a sports therapist and rehabilitation expert tells WebMD, that exercising intensely and prolonged to lack of rest will interfere with cortisol production in the blood. This can cause interference with insulin and increase blood sugar levels.

The sugar is processed by the body and ends as an advanced glycation that will bind collagen fibers, thereby reducing skin elasticity and premature aging.

Not paying attention to body posture when exercising

Sometimes, so much fun and often exercise, you become ignorant of your posture when practicing a movement. In fact, constantly ignoring your posture when exercising can make your back become bent and make you look old.

If it's already done, calm down, you can still fix it, really. As long as, while the body posture returns to normal, you will be accompanied by a personal trainer to remind you to maintain your posture during exercise. Or, you can also take part in pilates sports which are very much related to body alignment.

Doing movements slowly and weakly

Slow and weak movements are synonymous with parental movements. So, try to make movements that are sharp, fast, and active during exercise.

Do a variety of sports activities (not just one type), for example the type of sport with explosive jumps or running fast to build muscle strength and increase your physical response.

Besides doing the various things above, multiply the consumption of drinks and foods that are rich in collagen, vitamin E, vitamin C, and antioxidants. This intake can help you balance exercise to get an appearance that is always fresh and youthful.

Now you know that to be young, exercise must be done in the right way. If not, instead of being young, you will actually look old and fast. Follow the suggestions above to avoid it.

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