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5 Raw foods that pregnant women must avoid

Pregnant women are encouraged to consume a variety of foods to meet the nutrients needed by the baby. But pregnant women need to be careful in preparing food, because some types of food may not be safe for consumption by pregnant women. One of them is raw food.

Some raw or undercooked foods such as eggs, steaks, or sushi are delicious for consumption. But if consumed by pregnant women, these foods can actually increase the risk of miscarriage and babies born prematurely.

Raw foods that should be avoided

When pregnant, the immune system of pregnant women tends to decrease. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to pay attention to the food consumed. Do not let the food consumed can actually reduce the immune system of pregnant women.

Look back at the food that pregnant women will consume, whether it is cooked properly. Raw food, or that is not cooked until cooked, may contain bacteria or substances that are harmful to pregnancy.


Some raw foods that should be avoided during pregnancy include:


The protein content contained in eggs is very beneficial for pregnant women. If consumed in raw or undercooked conditions, eggs can actually have a negative effect on pregnant women, especially for the fetus. However, eggs must be consumed in really mature conditions.

Eggs may contain Salmonella bacteria which trigger, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps in pregnant women. In some cases, eating raw or undercooked eggs can also increase the risk of a baby being born prematurely, because that must be cooked thoroughly.


Other foods that should not be consumed by pregnant women in a raw state are meat. Meat is at risk of containing Salmonella which can cause pregnant women to experience digestive disorders, even pregnancy and fetal disorders. If you want to eat meat, pregnant women can cook it until it is completely cooked, until no part of the meat is pink and the blood is completely gone. Do not forget to always wash your hands before and after cooking meat.


Say goodbye to raw fish-based foods, like sushi. Raw fish is at risk of containing Listeria bacteria. Listeria infection can increase the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and the fetus dies in the womb (stillbirth). It is better for pregnant women to be more selective in choosing fish. Because, some types of fish are potentially exposed to chemicals in the ocean and dangerous if consumed by pregnant women, one of which is mercury.

Shellfish, lobster and shrimp

Foods made from shellfish, lobster, or shrimp, also need to be cooked perfectly. Shellfish, lobster and shrimp can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and toxins. So, if consumed in raw or not really mature conditions, the risk of causing food poisoning, which can interfere with pregnancy.

Vegetable sprouts

Sprouts, such as beans, bean sprouts, green beans, or radishes, are good for consumption. However, if consumed in raw conditions, it can actually bring bad effects for pregnant women. Vegetables germinate are at risk of being exposed to bacteria that can increase the risk of miscarriage and babies are born prematurely, especially if vegetables are damaged. Salmonella bacteria can settle on vegetables at any time, either during the production, harvest, storage, shipping, or when the vegetables are sold. If you still want to eat sprouts, make sure the pregnant woman has washed it thoroughly and cooked it until it is completely cooked.

In addition to some of the raw foods above, pregnant women are also not recommended to consume unpasteurized milk. Because pasteurized milk is at risk of containing Listeria bacteria. Not only milk, pregnant women also need to avoid consumption of foods that contain or are made from unpasteurized milk, or raw eggs, such as cheese, raw cake dough, mayonnaise, or home-made ice cream.

Although you can't eat some of the foods above, you can still eat other delicious foods. When pregnant, try to ensure that all food and beverages consumed are clean, safe and cooked. In addition, do not hesitate to consult a doctor, about foods that should be consumed to meet the nutritional needs of mothers and prospective babies.



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