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5 Things that make the body easy to bruise

Bruising is probably one of the conditions that is often underestimated by many people. The reason is, bruising can appear without you knowing the cause and will usually disappear itself untreated. In fact, some people tend to bruise more easily and it turns out that these symptoms cannot be ignored. Bruising itself is a disturbance to the skin which is indicated by the appearance of spots on the surface of the colored skin to become blue or purple black. This occurs because very small capillary blood vessels are damaged or injured so that red blood cells seep out. In medicine, this disorder is known as contusion.

If you are a person who is prone to bruising, especially for no obvious reason like being hit, you may need to be careful. Easy bruising turns out to pose a risk of symptoms of certain diseases, especially if the bruises that appear are accompanied by other complaints. To find out the cause of your bruising, consider the following conditions.


This cancer attacks red blood cells. One symptom caused is the appearance of bruises on the body, such as on the back. This is because leukemia sufferers lack blood platelets. This piece of blood is responsible for turning blood from liquid into lumps. Therefore, leukemia sufferers become very bleeding and bruised because their blood is very dilute. Leukemia is a type of cancer with a relatively low life expectancy, especially if it is late detected or not treated immediately.

Purpuric dermatosis

This blood vessel disorder is commonly found in the elderly. Reddish purple bruises appear, especially on the surface of the shin skin. This occurs because blood seeps out of the capillary veins. In some elderly, bruises that appear can be accompanied by itching.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever

Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) can cause the body to bruise easily due to low platelets caused by this disease. DHF is characterized by sudden high fever, pain in the joints, headache or pain behind the eyes, then followed by the appearance of red spots on the skin or bruising, or other bleeding.

Bruising due to DHF is generally harmless and will heal by itself after platelets return in normal amounts.

Immune thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP)

ITP is an autoimmune disease characterized by low platelets due to the destruction of platelets without cause which is evident by the liver and spleen. This disease is more common in men and children.

Until now, the exact cause of ITP is unknown. Generally, people with ITP will experience bruising easily, gums bleed easily, or experience nosebleeds without fever.


Skurvi is a disease that occurs due to lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Vitamin C is a substance needed to make collagen. Because most of the blood vessel wall components are formed from collagen, vitamin C deficiency can make the blood vessel walls fragile and easily broken.

In skurvi disease, the symptoms that appear are in the form of bruises and gums are easily swollen and bleeding. This disease can occur in people who very rarely consume fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin K deficiency

Vitamin K is one of the essential nutrients that the body needs because it is needed to form blood clotting factors. If the body has a deficiency of vitamin K, the blood will be difficult to freeze when the blood vessel ruptures.

Bruises on the skin are the most common symptoms experienced by people who are deficient in vitamin K. In conditions of severe vitamin K deficiency, gastrointestinal bleeding and cerebral hemorrhage can also occur.

Vitamin K deficiency is most common due to the side effects of consuming blood thinning drugs called warfarin. Meanwhile, vitamin K deficiency can also occur in newborns who do not get vitamin K injections immediately after birth.


Hemophilia is a blood clotting disorder characterized by a lack of factor VIII or factor IX. This factor is needed so that the blood clotting process can run well.

Hemophilia is a genetically inherited disease associated with the X chromosome. Therefore, hemophilia can only be experienced by men. Women cannot experience this disease, but only become gene carriers.

Symptoms of hemophilia can be seen from infancy or children. A sign that is seen is that the knee is prone to bruising or swelling when learning to crawl or walk. Other bleeding disorders can also occur such as gastrointestinal bleeding which is characterized by black stools or blood-vomiting, or bleeding in the brain.

Type 2 diabetes

The disease that usually occurs when a person has grown up is also known as diabetes. To control blood sugar levels in the body, doctors usually recommend insulin injections. This risks causing insulin resistance. One of the symptoms is bruising due to damaged blood vessels. In addition, bruises experienced by diabetics are more difficult to heal so there can be a lot of bruising on your body.

A body that is easy to bruise, especially those that arise without precipitating collisions should not be considered trivial. Beware of the five possible diseases above. If you find a number of symptoms that you suspect as the culprit of bruising on the body, immediately see a doctor to get proper treatment.

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