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5 Tips for Facing Schizophrenic Sufferers

Schizophrenia is a fairly foreign term heard in the ears of ordinary people. People with schizophrenia are more often called "crazy people" because they often hallucinate; his soul is disturbed and is often regarded as a result of possessions, witchcraft, or curses. Because of this, many "crazy" people have been put in place and exiled from society after various kinds of alternative medicine efforts have not succeeded in reviving them.

World Health Organization (WHO). According to the agency, as many as 20 million people suffer from schizophrenia worldwide. This disease not only affects the sufferer, but also the people who live around it.

Schizophrenia needs special attention because the sufferer will find it difficult to lead a normal and productive life. In addition to medical treatment, schizophrenics also need assistance and support from their family or the people closest to them to get well.

What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a disorder of the sufferers' way of thinking and behaving. Most of them experience delusions or hallucinations.

Understanding itself is a belief that is wrong or not in accordance with the facts. In people with schizophrenia, understanding is maintained so strongly even though it has been explained about the reality that actually happened.

The ideas that are often experienced by people with schizophrenia are several types, including:

  • Understanding of chase or persecution

The belief that there are people or groups who want to endanger the sufferer. For example, feeling always followed by someone who wants to kill him, or feel if the government and intelligence agencies conspire to arrest him.

  • Understanding references

The belief that people around and the entire universe has a close relationship with the sufferer. For example, when someone else is gathered around him, the sufferer believes that these people are talking about it.

  • Understanding of greatness

The patient's belief that he is a famous person or very great. For example, when a patient believes he is a prophet or even God.

  • Understand control

The sufferer believes that he is controlled by another person or party. For example, when the sufferer believes that all thoughts on his head are controlled by aliens from outer space.

While for hallucinations, the most common in people with schizophrenia are auditory hallucinations. Hallucinations are usually felt by sufferers as if hearing a voice that actually does not exist. One of the most common cases is that schizophrenics feel hearing a voice that prompts them to commit suicide.

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How to deal with schizophrenics

With symptoms as mentioned above, schizophrenics can not only behave strangely but also something that is harmful to themselves and others. Therefore, special measures are needed to deal with while treating schizophrenics.

If there are people nearby or your family who has schizophrenia, here are some things you can do:

1. Give them enough distance

People with schizophrenia often feel paranoid, which makes him always feel suspicious if the people around him will endanger him. They can suddenly become aggressive to take care of themselves, so to avoid this, as much as possible you give enough distance. A simple example that you can do is to leave when they want to be alone in the room.

2. Avoid stimulation that makes them more paranoid

Keep things that can trigger the higher paranoid feelings of schizophrenics. An example is a television. Paranoid sufferers can feel if the news or film that is playing is talking about him.

3. Keep dangerous objects

When schizophrenics are too paranoid, they will do everything they can to defend themselves from real threats. They will collect any objects that can be used as weapons. Therefore, in order to maintain the safety of people around schizophrenia, immediately secure and keep dangerous objects away from them.

4. Save schizophrenia from suicidal ideation

Schizophrenic sufferers who experience bad thoughts or severe hallucinations are no longer just paranoid with their surroundings, but also have a tendency to commit suicide. Therefore, always watch what they do and keep dangerous objects around them.

5. Connect with health services

Make sure schizophrenics get proper care from a mental health specialist or psychiatrist.

The cause of the emergence of schizophrenia is not known exactly. Even so, researchers have mentioned that a combination of genetic factors, brain chemical systems, and environmental factors contribute to the development of this mental disorder.

However, if it can be handled early, the chances of schizophrenia recovery are actually quite large. Therefore, if you find symptoms of schizophrenia in people around you, immediately take it to a mental health specialist so that the chances for recovery are getting bigger.

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