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5 Tips to Avoid Bone Damage in Old Age

You need to know that all of the body's organs function will decline with age. This condition also occurs in bones, the tissue that is important to support the function of body movement will also experience a decline in function. As a result, in some people bone damage is unavoidable.

When you age, the bone regeneration process will slow down. Without proper care, various types of bone disease can not be avoided anymore. This condition is generally caused by low bone mass and damage to the bone structure due to the loss of minerals such as calcium.

Why is it important to maintain bone health?

You need to know, bones keep changing. Old bones will be destroyed and then new bones will be formed again. At a young age, bone formation runs faster than bone destruction, so bone mass and bone density increase. This will peak at around 30 years old.

However, after that bone formation runs slower so that you will experience loss of bone mass little by little. If your lifestyle is not maintained since a young age, then losing bone mass can be even greater. As a result, your bones are easily porous and fragile in old age. You likely have a broken bone because a fall can be greater if your bones are porous and fragile in old age.

To keep your bones healthy and avoid various problems in old age, you must do these 5 moves from a young age:

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1. Enough for calcium and vitamin D needs

Calcium is the main mineral that plays an important role in maintaining bone health so that it does not experience loss. You can get calcium by consuming milk, spinach, sardines, tofu, anchovy, and kale.

Meanwhile, vitamin D is needed to maximize the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Vitamin D can be obtained by eating salmon, beef liver, eggs, milk and button mushrooms.

2. Regular exercise

Exercising regularly and regularly can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. Some sports that can be done to strengthen bones lift weights, jog, aerobics, up and downstairs, dance, tennis, or basketball, push-ups, sit-ups, and lifting weights.

Adjust the type of exercise chosen with your body's abilities. Avoid doing sports that are too heavy if you have previously been diagnosed with a bone problem.

3. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol

Want healthy to old bones? Stop smoking now! This is because nicotine contained in cigarettes can block the flow of blood to the bone, inhibiting the production of bone-forming cells and disrupting the process of bone resorption.

In addition to quitting smoking, you are also encouraged to avoid alcohol consumption so that bone health is always maintained until old age.

4. Bone mineral density test

Take yourself to a hospital that has complete equipment to carry out bone mineral density tests. When checking, your bones will be tested using a simple X-ray called DXA. This test measures the bone mineral density and helps determine the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

5. Do treatment

Women who are in perimenopause or the phase of transition to menopause can consider hormone therapy to increase estrogen levels which decreases. This is done to suppress the process of bone loss so that it does not last too significantly.

Meanwhile, women and men diagnosed with osteopenia (bone thinning) or osteoporosis can take medication to prevent hip and spine fractures. Try to consult a doctor to get a choice of drugs, such as bisphosphonates, teriparatide, or denosumab.

Do the things above consistently and continuously. If necessary, do so from the age you are still relatively young. Therefore, the risk of bone damage that appears old can be completely prevented and your quality of life is maintained.

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