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5 Tips to breathe properly to make your body healthier

Through the correct way of breathing, then the body will become healthier. Listen and follow the way below.

Is it true that breathing properly can make your body healthier? It was once discussed in a study. The point is, when someone pulled up to exhale well, then it can provide benefits for the body.

Belisa Vranich, author of Breathe's book: 14 Days to Oxygenating, Recharging, and Fueling Your Body & Brain, reveals that all true people are born to know how to breathe and breathe properly.

"But seeing today's technological conditions, fast paced life schedules, and more high-stress triggers every day, most of us have lost our breathing ability. As a result, most of us are breathing in a non-optimal way, "Vranich said.

Improper breathing can make the body not functioning optimally. Oxygen is fuel and under any circumstances, it should provide energy for our bodies. If you've been breathing but your body still feels tired, there's something wrong with your breathing.

The benefits of breathing properly

Fight stress

If you feel stressed at work or when you do something, then it is not very good. Besides can cause panic, stress can also make a person take the wrong decision. Therefore, realize that the best way to reduce stress and counter it is to take a shallow and fast breath.

This will increase the stress response in your body. As for avoiding anxiety, all you have to do is to slow the breath at least for 5 minutes. This method will keep you in control of stress.

When sick

If a person has a painful chronic condition, the way you breathe will have different effects or effects on the body. If you want to relieve pain, use a slow breathing technique so that the pain can gradually diminish. The trick, concentrate, then take a few short breaths, then exhale strongly.

This type of exercise will lower your risk of high blood pressure and give you better health.

For pregnant women

Breathing a long breath and breathing it slowly is the key to health for pregnant women. As we know that pregnant women in the third trimester and before childbirth are usually more difficult to breathe due to pressure from infants, and they are more nervous or afraid when facing childbirth.

This breathing technique will help you get a stable blood pressure and keep your blood pressure in your baby safe.

To increase concentration

If you are having trouble concentrating, try doing breathing techniques to help relax the tense muscles, the way is to breathe slowly.

So, how to breathe properly for a healthier body? Check out the tips presented by Varnich as follows:

1. Stretching

Just like any exercise, you need to warm up first. Do sit up and take a breath while leaning sideways, Do it 3 to 4 times.

2. Focus on breathing

When thinking about breathing, maybe you just focus on inhaling oxygen. In fact, exhaling is also key to a good breathing pattern.

It happens because the non-optimal breathing only releases 70 percent of the air in the lungs. In order to overcome this, you can do expiratory exercises to push out as much air as possible.

3. Inhale the air maximally

Inhale completely. Then without exhaling, take another breath. Open your mouth as if you were breathing air. The total time of inhalation should last for 2 to 3 seconds. Do it for 10 times.

4. Practice blowing candles

This exercise targets your core muscles, so you can exhale more effectively. Breathe out through your mouth as if you were blowing a series of candles, letting air hit the back of the tooth to exhale.

5. Eject regularly

This advanced exercise combines breath with a contraction of the stomach. While with a crawling position, keep your back flat, make your abdominal muscles relax, let it fall completely to the floor. Try 10 to 15 times.

Re-learning the correct way to breathe is easy. There are many benefits to be gained by regulating breathing, for example by increasing the immune system, adding more energy, reducing stress levels, and creating a better immune system.

Watching how to breathe does seem trivial. But know that this activity is the key to having an essential body health. Therefore, improve your breathing from now on, so that dangerous diseases hesitate to perch.

Let's breathe properly for a healthier body! In addition to providing a myriad of benefits, through regulating breathing, you can also maximize organ function well.

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