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5 Unusual Symptoms of Coronavirus

Pandemic Coronavirus indeed makes everyone overwhelmed. Even when not yet infected, the virus which is also referred to as COVID-19, managed to make many people afraid. Why? Yes, the number of patients who die from coronavirus is increasing every day.

Although, there are also several people infected with the coronavirus without any symptoms at all. Research shows that a significant proportion of people exhibit other symptoms, such as diarrhea or loss of smell and taste.

Therefore, every community must know the symptoms of the coronavirus, from general to unusual. Knowing the symptoms of the corona is important so that you can immediately seek a doctor's help and prevent the spread of infection.

Symptoms of Coronavirus Infection

Generally, coronavirus positive victims show typical symptoms, some are mild, severe, and even unusual. Some of the mild symptoms experienced by many positive patients of the coronavirus are usually cough, runny nose, afternoon throat, and headache.

If there are residents who have mild symptoms, then you should immediately isolate him at home. By continuing to use masks and sleeping separately with other family members it is indeed the most effective way to avoid transmission to the whole family.

In addition to mild types, there are severe symptoms that can be experienced by sufferers of coronavirus infection. Among others, such as difficulty or shortness of breath, high fever, and prolonged weakness.

If the patient's breath can be 20 times per minute and oxygen saturation below 90 percent, the patient can breathe for breath. In this condition, the patient must be immediately taken to the hospital to get treatment.

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Unusual Symptoms of Coronavirus Infection

Don't stop until only two types of symptoms. The reason, recent research revealed, there are unusual symptoms that can be experienced by patients with positive coronavirus. Here are some unusual symptoms of coronavirus.

1. Difficult to Smell and Taste

A group of research teams at King’s College, London found several unfamiliar symptoms found in 400,000 people who were positive for the coronavirus.

Where in the data, the symptoms felt by patients include difficulty in smell and taste. Symptoms that can indeed occur due to a reaction from coughing and colds experienced by sufferers.

Difficult to smell and hard to feel something is a reaction that can be experienced by anyone affected by coughs and colds. So, this is indeed one of the unusual symptoms of the coronavirus and can be experienced by anyone.

2. Feeling Achy and Muscular Pain

Based on research reported by The Sun, researchers in the US say COVID-19 patients can experience severe muscle pain due to viruses that gather in their bodies.

Researchers at New York University found an association between diseased muscles and severe coronavirus cases after analyzing records from 53 patients in Wenzhou, China.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 15 percent of all coronavirus patients experience body aches or joint pain. The pain is triggered by chemicals called cytokines. These chemicals are generally released by the body when responding to infections.

Other reactions that occur when a virus enters the body are aching muscles and aching joints. Because of this reaction, the body will feel weak and difficult to move.

If pain and aching joints continue to be felt for a long time and cause the body to be unable to move, then you are required to check this condition to the nearest health center or hospital.

3. Some Patients Have Diarrhea

Quoted from CBS News, the researchers analyzed data from 204 COVID-19 patients, the average age of almost 55 years who was admitted to three hospitals in Hubei Province between January 18 and February 28, 2020.

From patient data, doctors found digestive problems, such as diarrhea, could be one of the many symptoms of the coronavirus, say researchers from the Wuhan Medical Care Expert Group for COVID-19.

Research shows patients with digestive symptoms have a longer time to go to the hospital. This is because patients are not sure that they are infected with the coronavirus. Especially the lack of respiratory problems, such as coughing or shortness of breath.

Diarrhea is one of the unusual symptoms that affect a person who is infected with a coronavirus. Diarrhea may occur when a virus enters the body and infects the inner body.

Not only the warp, but the digestive system can also be affected by the infecting virus. If you only feel diarrhea without any other symptoms, this could not be due to the coronavirus. However, because of problems with the digestive system.

4. Coronavirus Patients  Eyes Red Like Inflamed

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, some coronavirus patients complain of serious eye problems. This is due to aerosol contact (small particles such as dust, bacteria, or viruses that are long in the water) with the eye.

Red-eye can also be included in the category of unusual symptoms of coronavirus infection. This is caused by an infection in several parts of the body that causes inflammation, one of which is red-eye.

However, keep in mind again, if red eyes are accompanied by itching and swelling, then this could be you have an eye infection. Try dripping your eyes with artificial tears or a drug recommended by a doctor. If your red eyes don't improve, don't hesitate to bring yourself to the hospital.

5. Nerve Disorders Like Stroke

Reporting from The New York Times, several world neurologists believe a small portion of the coronavirus has brain or nerve disorders. Some patients find changes in mental condition or encephalopathy.

According to Dr. Elissa Fory, Henry Ford Health System neurologist, from some coronavirus studies can directly attack the brain in certain or rare conditions. Especially when the patient has a critical condition.

Only elderly patients and patients who have comorbid conditions such as Parkinson's disease may experience these symptoms. Thus, it is very unlikely that coronavirus patients will cause symptoms of stroke or other neurological disorders.

But that does not mean stroke patients should not be alerted. The reason, the latest domestic report from doctors in Italy said that COVID-19 patients treated also showed symptoms of stroke such as tingling hands, convulsions, and blood clots.

Those are some of the unusual symptoms of coronavirus that you need to be aware of. If the above symptoms are followed by general coronavirus symptoms, immediately check to get a definitive diagnosis.

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