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5 Ways to Teach Children with Autism to Be Easy to Hang Out

One of the familiar developmental disorders of the child and indeed many experienced is autism. Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder of brain function that covers a variety of fields, ranging from social, emotional, and communication. Therefore children with autism need to be taught a special way so that they can get along and move with their peers.

There are five special ways that you can apply as parents or relatives to make it easier for autistic children to socialize, namely:

1. Teach him to communicate like children

Speech therapy for autistic children is indeed important. But unfortunately, most therapists are women and most autistic children are men.

As a result, not infrequently the style of speech of boys with autism often sounds like an adult woman or too raw. So, if he jumps into the world of children his age, that kind of speech will sound awkward in their ears.

As adults, it is indeed very beneficial. However, when he was a child, such a style of speech would make him shunned by his peers.

So, besides doing talking therapy, as a parent, you also have to teach how to communicate like children. For example, when your child is given a toy by his friend. Rather than responding with the phrase "Thank you very much for the beautiful gift", it's better to say "Wow! This is cool, thanks! "

2. Teach him to play together

Children with autism do prefer to play alone rather than join their friends. When other children like to play home and feed their dolls, autistic children will prefer playing lego themselves or playing the same puzzle repeatedly.

It's okay, but sometimes you also have to invite children with autism to play in teams or build lego together. The goal, so that he is accustomed to interacting with people (alternating learning). If you are worried that your child will have difficulty playing with some people or even fear being bullied, just monitor it from a distance.

3. Take to the playground

Don't let your child play alone at home too often. Every now and then, invite to play outside, especially the playground.

When you and your child with autism play in the playground, as parents you can teach them how to walk in a straight line, learn to queue or take turns with other children, learn to swing, learn to glide, learn to jump, and learn to climb or skate safely. In that condition, also teach autistic children to ask adults for help if they need help.

4. Introduce with sports

Not only introduced with brain teasers that make smart. You also have to introduce autistic children with exercise. Sports is the most exciting and exciting session, especially for boys. Well, by introducing it to sports (no need for team sports first), such as swimming, children with autism will begin to get used to physical activities that will surely be encountered later when attending school.

5. Watch children's shows

It's not always a television program that is bad. If there are certain cartoons that are popular with children, there is nothing wrong with you and the child watching the program. The point is that children with the austime spectrum have "chat material" when they want to interact with their peers. That way, even the awkward atmosphere will melt because there are specific topics discussed.

Trust that your child can get along independently

All of the above strategies will not work if you cannot trust a child to get along. Yes, you also have to entrust your child that he is able to socialize well out there.

If you are in doubt about the potential your child has, maybe a lot of your efforts will be less than the maximum results.

Also know that every child has a different style, potential, and response to socialize. Train and apply as best you can to how to socialize well. Show the world that the strength your child has is not something that hinders his social skills.

Teaching how to interact with autistic children is indeed easy. It takes patience and extra creativity so they want to jump into the social world with their peers. Even so, children with autism are good at imitating those around them.

If you exemplify good things, sooner or later he also does these positive behaviors to his peers. If necessary, join a community regarding social activities of autistic children. That way, they will get the right stimulation to interact and get along like ordinary kids.

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