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6 Benefits of an Oily Face You Need to Know

Having oily facial skin often makes a person become insecure. Not surprising! Because oily skin can make your appearance look not fresh. In addition, many later accused and associated this one face condition with a low level of personal hygiene.

In fact, oily skin caused by overactivity of the sebaceous glands in the skin of the face can be triggered by several factors, such as hormonal changes, excessive stress, and genetic factors. So, do not just accuse.

Although oily faces have been proven to trigger some skin problems, such as zits, blackheads, until the pores are clearly visible on the face; however, this face type turned out to have its own benefits. Curious what are the benefits of an oily face?

Here are 6 benefits of an oily face that you should know:

1. Ageless

The statement that people who have oily skin will look more youthful than those who have dry skin is not just a figment. The proof, a study from Japan states that active oil glands in the face can prove to inhibit the aging process while preventing wrinkles, especially in the area of the eyes and forehead.

2. The skin is more moist

You certainly know that excessive exposure to sunlight is not good for skin health. Because in addition to making the skin look dark and dull, sunlight is also proven to cause facial skin to feel dry. However, this does not apply to those who have oily faces. Why? Because facial oils produced can act as natural skin moisturizers.

3. Natural glossy skin

Although it sounds strange, some people actually like a face that looks shiny. Therefore, some people later switched to using cosmetics made in South Korea because the products claimed by many parties could make the face look glowing. Well, for those of you who have oily faces, of course you don't have to bother spending a lot of money to get a shiny face. Because even without being asked, your face - especially the forehead, nose, and chin area - has been naturally glowing.

4. Minimal risk

For those of you who have oily faces, of course, understand that your skin does not require various treatments. Therefore, be grateful for this face condition. Because, besides looking smooth and naturally soft, an oily face also keeps you awake from the risk of skin damage due to over intensive facial care.

5. Have More Smooth Skin

You will notice a significant difference between oily skin and dry skin. Even though oily skin has more problems, someone with an oily face has a smoother and softer skin surface. As time goes by, the skin will become softer. This natural hydration will allow the skin to regenerate more easily.

6. Economical

Related to the previous point, those who have oily faces do not need to spend a lot of money to get soft and moist skin. For this reason, the money that should be allocated to facial care products can be saved for other useful things, such as future savings or holiday funds.

That was the 6 benefits of an oily face that you should know. Well. From all of the above, you certainly don't need to feel embarrassed or worried about your face condition which is often said to be an 'oil refinery'. Because it is proven, many things can be grateful for.

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