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6 Complications of Stroke You Need to Know

Stroke is one of the highest causes of death. Even if the sufferer can survive, there is a possibility of a repeat stroke or disease complication that can reduce the patient's life expectancy for up to two years.

"Various studies have shown that post-stroke complications will increase the risk of death and also disability," said lead researcher Dr.Keun-Sik Hong, a neurologist from South Korea. In his research, he showed a link between the complications of the disease and the reduced life expectancy of patients.

Possible stroke complications

Stroke itself is a condition where there is death of tissue in the brain due to reduced blood flow and oxygen to the brain. There are two types of strokes known, namely ischemic stroke (due to blockage of blood vessels) and hemorrhagic strokes (brain hemorrhage).

If this condition is not treated properly, a stroke can become more severe until complications occur.

The condition of this stroke has the potential to cause death. However, if someone lives after a stroke, the quality of life may decrease due to various complications that can arise.

The following are some of the complications that arise from stroke:

1. Complications related to the nervous system

Stroke is characterized by the death of brain tissue, so that complications often arise related to the nervous system. For example, brain edema, which is brain swelling that can appear after a stroke.

In addition, complications of stroke can also occur in the form of epileptic seizures, namely the presence of abnormal electrical activity in the brain that causes seizures (more commonly found in strokes with large areas). Not only that, after a stroke, a person can get a repeated stroke.

2. The occurrence of infection

After a stroke, someone prone to infection, especially in the respiratory tract and urinary tract. For example, pneumonia can arise due to the limited motion of stroke patients, or swallowing problems that cause food to enter the respiratory tract (aspiration pneumonia).

In addition, urinary tract infections (UTI) can also be found, especially in the use of urinary catheters due to not being able to control the urinary function properly after a stroke.

3. There are problems with the limbs

If there is weakness or paralysis of the arm after a stroke, shoulder pain can arise. This is because the arm is hanging, causing a pull on the shoulder.

Furthermore, contractures can also appear, namely shortening of muscles in the limbs due to lack of mobility or lack of exercise and exercise in limbs that experience weakness or paralysis.

4. Complications due to immobilization

After being hit by a stroke, the patient may not be able to move or experience limited mobility (immobilization) and must stay in bed for a long time. This increases the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is the formation of blood in the deep veins.

In addition, decubitus ulcers (pressure ulcers) can appear, which are ulcers that arise due to long-term pressure on certain parts of the body because they lie down all day long.

5. Lack of nutrition

Post-stroke can cause swallowing difficulties in stroke patients. Moreover, sometimes the consumption of food and drinks by mouth is not safe for stroke patients, so it is necessary to install a feeding hose. This is what later can cause the emergence of potential sufferers experiencing lack of nutritional intake.

6. Psycho-social impacts

Stroke sufferers can experience disability in an instant, so those who were active then must depend on others. Often, this causes depression for sufferers.

Moreover, stroke patients are the backbone of the family. But after getting a stroke it requires treatment from other family members. This condition can then trigger stress or depression.

Thus some complications that can arise after a person has a stroke. This disease is very detrimental because it can reduce the quality of your life. Therefore, avoid strokes by applying a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious balance, and exercising regularly.

If you begin to feel signs of paralysis such as in a stroke, immediately consult yourself so as not to get worse that can lead to the occurrence of stroke complications.

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