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6 Discomfort in Second Trimester Pregnancy and How to Overcome It

Changes in your physical shape from head to foot may have begun to appear in this second trimester. This condition can trigger discomfort in your body. Even so, most women find it easier to undergo pregnancy in this trimester than the first trimester.

The second trimester lasts from the 13th week to the 27th week of pregnancy. In this period, usually pregnant women no longer experience nausea and vomiting which greatly disrupts the quality of life. Your body is also likely to be more powerful than the previous trimester. However, there are still some inconveniences that may arise during this period. Here's the explanation:

1. Dizziness

Blood vessels can widen and blood pressure can decrease during pregnancy. This condition might make you dizzy. It is recommended to take a rest immediately by lying down to the left side to help restore your blood pressure. In addition, increasing drinking water and waking up slowly after sitting or lying down can also prevent you from experiencing dizziness.

2. Nasal congestion

The mucous membrane lining the nose can swell due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. This condition can also make your nose prone to bleeding. To overcome this, you can do natural treatments such as dropping saline drop, or other safe natural methods. Installing an air humidifier in the room might also relieve a stuffy nose. This method may be safer than taking decongestant drugs. If you want to take this medicine, it is recommended to consult your doctor first.

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3. Back pain

In the second trimester, your appetite has begun to return to normal and may increase. This can increase your body weight. This increase can cause your back to feel sore because the spine must support the weight of your body that is heavier than normal.

4. Problems with the gums

Hormonal changes during pregnancy further increase blood circulation to your gums so that it can make your gums soft and sensitive. This might cause bleeding in the gums when you brush your teeth. So, during pregnancy, use a downy toothbrush to reduce friction which can cause irritation to the gums. You also have to brush it slowly.

5. Skin changes

Don't be surprised when you see the color of your skin changes during pregnancy. That's because pregnancy can stimulate the production of melanin which can trigger black spots on your skin. The stain can get worse when exposed to sunlight. So, you are advised to avoid direct sun exposure, or at least use sunscreen when doing outdoor activities.

In addition to black spots, you might also be able to see red, pink or purple strokes (commonly called stretch marks) around the breast, abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. These strokes can trigger itching and you can overcome them by using moisturizers.

6. Leg cramps

As the pregnancy progresses, your legs can experience cramps, especially at night. Before going to bed you are advised to stretch the calf muscles to avoid this discomfort. Drink plenty of water and do physical activities too, well, so that your legs don't cramp.

If the leg cramps have attacked, you might be able to overcome them by soaking them in warm water or massaging them using ice cubes.

The inconveniences that occur above are reasonable. You are advised to immediately see a doctor if you experience severe abdominal pain, excessive dizziness, weight gain more than 6,6 ponds (3 kilograms) per month, or only increase less than 4.5 kilograms until the pregnancy is 20 weeks old.

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