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6 Foods to Avoid Arterial Blockage

Arterial vessels or arteries are blood vessels that carry blood from the heart. Because the task is very crucial, if it is blocked, then the blood supply can be hampered and cause a number of health problems such as heart disease. A number of healthy foods can help you avoid clogged arteries.

This narrowing of blood vessels is often experienced by many people, especially if the lifestyle that is carried out is not healthy. Clogged arteries are usually caused by a buildup of fat plaques due to bad cholesterol. These plaques accumulate in blood vessels, oxidize, and cause local inflammation.

If this happens, the buildup of fat plaque will cause blood flow and nutrients to the heart to decrease. This is what later became the forerunner to the occurrence of clogged arteries.

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the dangers of clogging arteries can also be sought by eating healthy foods.

Take this to avoid clogging the arteries

Clogged arteries can be a nightmare for sufferers. A number of anticipations are needed to avoid these conditions, one of which is by consuming the following healthy foods:


There have been many studies of omega-3 fatty acids that focus on brain health, although it turns out that this anti-inflammatory content also has benefits for heart rate. Research links inflammation with a number of diseases, including clogged arteries.

There is speculation that reducing inflammation may reduce plaque in your arteries. Eating fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel is one way to supplement the need for daily omega-3. Try eating fish at least two times a week.


Fat from red meat easily settles in blood vessels, and over time can cause blockages. Therefore, you need foods that contain healthy fats.

Shrimp are an important source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, which reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent fat deposits in the bloodstream.

You can eat five shrimp that are processed by steaming or baking, twice a week is enough to prevent clogged arteries.


Research reveals that monounsaturated fats like those in avocados are healthy for the heart. This content can help reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Avocados also contain decent amounts of fiber, so they also help maintain your digestive health.

The study, published in the Nutrition Journal, states that consuming one avocado every day can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome events by 50 percent. This condition is often associated with the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other blood vessel disorders.


Beware, cholesterol can seep into the lining of blood vessels and form plaques over time. One way is to eat foods that can absorb the plaque. Oats themselves are rich in soluble fiber which has been shown to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Take a cup of oat regularly every morning to get the benefits. Also combine with the intake of fruits that are also rich in fiber.


Not only oats, nuts are also able to speak more through their contents which are rich in fiber. Research has found that a diet rich in beans can help make arteries more elastic and contribute to a decrease in blood pressure.

Another benefit that can be obtained from consuming nuts is the antioxidant content. Some of the recommended types are black beans and kidney beans that can fight inflammation, as the main factors causing heart disease.


Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin, an antioxidant that can help prevent fat deposits from accumulating and blocking arteries. Turmeric does not have to be eaten raw, but it can also be mixed as a seasoning.

Health experts argue, turmeric extract has antioxidant effects, choleretic (stimulates bile flow), collectin (stimulates the contraction of the gallbladder), anticancer, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory.

Therefore, do not hesitate to consume a variety of foods that use turmeric as the main ingredient.

Blockages in the arteries require special attention so that the complaints caused do not worsen. When you experience it, start to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Handling of blocked arteries can vary depending on the severity or severity of the disease and the degree of blockage that occurs. If it is less than 50 percent, you must use anti-thrombus drugs or blockage crushers.

Whereas if the blockage exceeds 50 percent, actions that need to be taken are microsurgical surgery or blood vessel jointing to take the veins in the legs (saphene vein magna graft).

Clogged arteries can be very dangerous, and can even cause death. Start keeping your body healthy by consuming healthy and nutritious foods. Prevent bad conditions related to blood clots, one of which is by consuming a row of food above. Finally, balance your efforts with regular exercise.

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