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6 Habits That Can Damage Hair

Hair is a crown of beauty for a woman. But unfortunately, some habits whose intention to maintain health and beautify the appearance of hair can actually damage the hair.

Maintaining health and beauty of hair sometimes is not an easy matter. Not infrequently we have to spend more to treat hair. However, there are several treatments that can damage hair. As a result, the hair looks dull, fall out, and is certainly far from beautiful.

Six Habits That Can Damage Hair

Ladies, try to consider a number of things below. It could be, one of which is a habit that you do in treating hair. Be careful, the following habits actually risk damaging the beauty of your hair.

Frequent shampooing

Washing is indeed a thing that needs to be done to maintain hair cleanliness. But, if it's too excessive it can damage the hair and cause itchy and dry scalp. Not only that, too often shampooing can also remove the hair's natural moisturizer.

Rarely shampooing

If the frequency of shampooing can make the scalp itchy and dry, rarely shampooing can actually make the scalp oily. As a result, dandruff appears and the hair looks sticky. It is recommended to wash your hair once every two days, or adjust to the condition of your hair and activities that you do.

Water temperature

Don't use hot water when washing your hair because this is a serious mistake. Hot water can damage the hair color and activate the oil-producing glands. Ideally, try using warm water because this will dilute the secretion of the oil glands, remove dirt and improve blood circulation. But it's better to wash it with cold water because this will make the hair look smoother and shiny.

Drying hair

Drying and arranging hair with a hair dryer or hair clipping can be a trigger for premature baldness. If you don't want your hair to fall out and become brittle, it is recommended to stop using these tools. Dryers can indeed be a solution to dry your hair quickly, but rather than harm your hair, it's better to dry it naturally.

Combing hair when wet

Combing or arranging hair when wet can damage hair. When wet, hair tends to stretch. If combed and arranged, the hair cuticles become damaged and the hair falls out or breaks. Treat the hair gently and do not dry it by rubbing it into a towel. In addition, use a comb according to the condition and type of hair.

Colouring hair

Hair with cheerful colors is indeed becoming a trend. Even so, don't rush into the trend. Know the risks first. The bleaching process which aims to fade the color of hair can penetrate the cuticle to remove natural hair pigments and damage the hair. Although coloring hair without bleaching is not expected to be as severe as the bleaching process itself, it can still damage the hair structure and make it dry and dull. Especially if it's often done. Not only that, hair coloring can also cause irritation, itching, or redness on the skin.

Maintaining health and beauty of hair is one of the important things for women, as well as for men. But, do not let the habits carried out with the aim of caring for and beautifying the hair, it actually damages the hair, making it look dull, fall out, and break easily. So, is it really the way you treat hair?

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