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6 Problems That Will Occur If You Lack of Sleep

The need for sleep is equivalent to the importance of the need for humans to eat and breathe. Sleep deprivation if accustomed can cause various adverse effects on health. Then, what happens if we lack sleep?

Sleep has an important role in the body. During sleep, the body will improve itself, both physically and mentally, so that we feel refreshed and energized when we wake up and are ready to undergo activities throughout the day. In addition, sleep also helps the process of growth and development, especially in children and adolescents, because during sleep growth hormone is released.

Which Can Happen If You Lack Sleep

The sleep needs of each person are not the same. But in general, it takes quality sleep for 7-9 hours every day, so that the important functions above can run optimally. For children and adolescents, sleep needs range from 8-10 hours every day.

Insufficient sleep needs can cause you to look tired when you wake up, yawn throughout the day, and have difficulty concentrating.

Some diseases that can occur as a result of sleep deprivation, including high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and depression.

Not only that, those of you who are often up late and lack of sleep are also a high potential to experience conditions that are not comfortable as follows:

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1. Turn into a senile person

Asleep behavior specialist and founder of the Sleep Easily method, Richard Shane, Ph.D., said that sleeping with enough time will strengthen the nerve connections involved in memory while optimizing the process of absorbing new information into memory. Well, when you lack sleep, the process will be disrupted so you turn into someone who is forgetful or senile.

In fact, humans need adequate rapid eye movement (REM) sleep so that the brain has a continuous sharp ability. This means that when you successfully experience the REM sleep phase, you also succeed in transferring information from short-term memory to long-term. If the need for REM sleep is not met, the memory will automatically be interrupted.

2. Easy to get sick and difficult to heal

The immune system produces proteins called cytokines. Cytokines are needed to help the body fight infection, inflammation, and stress. When we sleep, the body releases cytokines. If we lack sleep, then the production of this cytokine will also decrease.

Sleep deprivation also causes a decrease in the ability of the immune system and cell performance in fighting infections. This, of course, can adversely affect the immune system's resistance to infection, and the speed of the natural healing process.

3. Easily offended

Like women who are menstruating, people who lack sleep also become more irritable. This is because a lack of sleep greatly affects the mood.

The area of the frontal lobe which is responsible for thinking, reasoning, and logic will usually balance the area of the amygdala brain involved with emotions, such as fear, anxiety, and passion. When you lack sleep, both areas of the brain then lose connection and actually increase reactions in the form of anger and excessive anxiety.

4. Skin looks dull

Sleep plays an important role in regenerating skin cells and healing inflammation in the body. If you often lack sleep, then the skin's natural ability to regenerate skin will automatically decrease, even if you have used expensive treatment products. So, don't be surprised if you wake up with black marsupial conditions and a dull face even though you have used a face mask before!

5. Weight gain

Sleep duration affects the development of hormones related to body weight, namely ghrelin, and leptin. In people who often stay up late, the level of ghrelin (a hormone that increases appetite) tends to be high. Meanwhile, the hormone leptin (a hormone that suppresses appetite) is actually low.

When you stay up late, you also have more time and opportunity to chew food. So, don't always blame food if your diet program always fails.

6. Decreased sex drive

In addition to lowering testosterone levels in men, fatigue, and drowsiness due to lack of sleep also help reduce sex drive. In fact, one study reported that sex hormones will decrease by 10-15% in those who sleep less than 5 hours a day.

Sleep deprivation can cause various health problems. Therefore, start to improve yourself, one of which is by making quality sleep a priority. Don't stay up late if it's not really needed. It would be better if you sleep for 7-8 hours every night.

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