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6 Reasons why you always feel thirsty

When the weather is hot, plus you are an active or a sports fan, feeling thirst is normal. After a lot of exercise movements that make the body sweat, the brain gives instructions that your body needs fluid intake to make it fresh again.

However, when you always feel thirsty while not exercising or doing heavy activities, then you have to make sure whether it is enough to consume food and drinks so it is always well hydrated. If you still feel thirsty despite consuming plenty of water without exercise, your body may show more serious symptoms.

Health experts around the world agree that always consuming enough water has many health benefits, not just eliminating thirst. But drinking excessive water is not good. The body has a capacity to hold incoming water, as evidenced by the excess will be removed by frequent urination.

When you feel thirsty for no reason, when you have consumed a lot of water, maybe you have some of the following conditions:

Because it does not consume water, you are definitely dehydrated

The main reason someone feels thirsty is because of dehydration. Simple is not it? Try to apply the standard drink 8 glasses of mineral water per day or equivalent to 2 liters of water, provided that your kidney function is normal. Liquid intake is not always from water, but can also be from sports drinks, isotonic drinks, soups or low-sugar fruit juice.

Someone who regularly sports and lives in an environment with dry weather should consume more mineral water than people who live in humid weather. Immediately drink water when you are thirsty, especially in vomiting or diarrhea, where the body loses fluid so it must be replaced with water even though you do not feel thirsty.

You have diabetes


Diabetes damages the body's ability to break down and store sugar. If your blood sugar is high then you tend to frequent urination. This is because the blood sugar will release more fluid, as the body's natural way to remove excess fluid on the body. Frequent urination and thirst are some of the symptoms of diabetes. If you already consume lots of water but still feel thirsty, immediately go to the doctor to do the examination.

Has an autoimmune disease Sjorgen Syndrome

Sjogren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease that has an effect on the mucous membranes, or the mucous membranes of the inner lining of the skin. One of them is the oral mucosa. Symptoms can be seen in the eyes and dry mouth accompanied by excessive thirst. Sjogren's syndrome is characterized by the salivary glands unable to produce enough saliva to make the mouth moist. You will feel dry on the inside of the mouth.

Too much salt

Foods that contain too much salt tend to make people feel thirsty. The human body needs to balance the substances in the body such as sodium and water in order to work properly. So, when the salt you consume is excessive, then you will easily feel thirsty because of the lack of blood H2O that can accelerate blood circulation. In addition, when you eat a lot of salt, you may also feel instantly bloated because the body contains only a little water.

Drugs cause dry mouth

To much drugs

Some drugs can make the condition of the oral cavity becomes dry causing thirst, such as dramamine drugs to cope with hangovers and anti-allergic antihistamines. Do not forget to drink if you consume these drugs and make sure that you consume enough water to keep them hydrated

To prevent dehydration, be sure to always consume 8 glasses of mineral water per day and not ignore the thirst. Replacing mineral water with other water is allowed, but consuming mineral water is much better and healthier when compared to excessive isotonic coffee or drinks consumed.

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