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6 Serious conditions that cause the body to become weak

Have you ever felt the body weak and not powerful? If so, you may experience one of these conditions.

In the medical world there are two terms that describe the weak body, weakness and fatigue though it seems the same, but in reality these two conditions describe two different sensations. It is important to know exactly because they also have different causes.

  • Weakness is a lack of physical strength or muscle and a feeling that requires extra effort to move arms, legs, or other muscles. If muscle weakness is caused by pain, then the person may be able to move muscles, but it will be painful.
  • Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or the need to rest because of lack of energy or strength. Fatigue may result from forced labor, lack of sleep, anxiety, boredom, or lack of exercise. These are symptoms that may be caused by illness, medication, or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Anxiety or depression can also cause fatigue.


These two conditions are symptoms, not diseases. Because it can be caused by many other health problems, for that cause the limp body will be determined only when other accompanying symptoms are evaluated.

The weak body becomes a condition that is often complained of by many people. This situation can indeed be caused by various things, ranging from lack of sleep, lack of food, to less roads. But beyond that, did you know that the body weakness can also occur due to more serious conditions?

These are the 6 most serious conditions that often cause complaints of weakness:

1. Anemia

One of the causes of a weak body that can interfere with your activity is anemia. This condition known as less blood is a condition that occurs when hemoglobin (HB) levels are below normal numbers.

In the case of anemia, the limp body usually occurs simultaneously with sunken eye complaints, pale face, often tingling and not enthusiastic about doing the activity.

2. Insomnia


Insomnia occurs when a person has trouble starting sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, or getting up early. Those who experience this condition will often complain body fatigue and fatigue easily during activity during the day. If not treated promptly, insomnia can lead to a significant decrease in the quality of life.

3. HIV infection

HIV infection can cause a variety of non-specific complaints. In the early stages, patients may complain of lymphatic bodies accompanied by fever, rash, diarrhea, swollen lymph smears, muscle and joint pain, and susceptible to infectious diseases.

4. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which a person has low thyroid hormone levels. This occurs due to the thyroid gland that has interference, so that the production of thyroid hormone is disrupted.

In hypothyroid patients, complaints of limp usually occur together with hair often fall out, difficulty defecating and can not stand the exposure to cold air.

5. Depression

If you feel weak without other significant symptoms, you may be depressed. This condition can cause you to feel uninspired and have no interest in carrying out daily activities.

6. Cancer

One of the causes of limp body is cancer or malignancy. Of course, to determine a definite diagnosis of this state, you need to undergo a thorough examination. But usually, the limp body that became a symptom of cancer occurs along with the emergence of a lump in a particular body part, or a weight loss for no apparent reason.

Indeed, the body is not only limited to 6 conditions above. Therefore, if you are or often experience this complaint, it could not hurt to immediately bring yourself to the doctor. This action aims to ensure the main cause of complaints of the body weakness, and know the most appropriate way to overcome them.

Causes of Other Lacking Bodies

  • Dehydration or lack of fluids, either from lack of drinking or from illness. Malnutrition, such as lack of food intake or lack of certain nutrient intake.
  • Loss a lot of blood
  • Pregnancy
  • Environmental influences such as weather
  • Healing period from injury or surgery

How To Overcome The Body Lack To Recover Back

In principle, to be successful in overcoming the body limp, then the first time overcome is the cause.

Body fatigue due to fatigue can be restored with adequate rest. While the weakness due to lack of physical activity can disiasati with regular exercise and other things such as consumption of lots of water and sufficient nutritional needs with balanced nutritious food.

However, do not try to cope alone, you are advised to consult your doctor if you have:

  • Body weakness in one area of the body that occurs suddenly.
  • Sudden limp that is accompanied by fever or other alarming symptoms.
  • Limp body that does not go away and the cause is still unknown to you.


Keep in mind how your limp body is experiencing as well as any symptoms that accompany it, as these are the things your doctor will ask. Then the doctor will perform a series of checks to determine the cause of the body weakness you experience. Examinations include vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and breathing), physical tests (weak body areas), muscle strength checks, urine or urinalysis checks, blood tests, nervous system tests, or status tests mentally.

After knowing the cause, then the doctor will provide treatment in accordance with the health conditions you experience, for example if you have low hemoglobin levels due to anemia, then the doctor will provide iron supplements or blood transfusions in cases of large blood loss. If the muscle pain that causes the body weakness then the doctor will provide painkillers, such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, and others.

It is important to immediately see a doctor if you often have a weak body and do not know the cause. It could be that you have a chronic illness that requires proper treatment and as early as possible. Greetings healthy!

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