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6 Tips for Quality Sleep for People with Insomnia

Sleep time is the time when your body rests and recovers after a tiring day. However, what if your sleep time is disturbed because you experience insomnia? Of course you feel it will be very tiring to start the morning on a new day.

There are several factors that cause insomnia. These factors rarely stand alone, and usually involve a person's bad habits in living a lifestyle.

For example, certain physical factors can trigger psychological problems, as well as otherwise. Psychological factors can also affect the central nervous system so that physical conditions are always alert such as when anxious, tense, or stressed.

Given the many factors that can cause sleep disorders, further evaluation is needed to determine the cause. These efforts include exploring the various possibilities for the existence of an underlying medical condition.

For those of you who are insomnia, the condition should not be considered a frightening specter. Overcome difficulties with the following tips.

Morning exercise

Regular exercise in the morning can increase the quantity and quality of your rest. The National Sleep Foundation found that people who exercise in the morning have longer and better sleep duration than those who do not exercise. In order not to be too energetic at night, complete your workout at least four hours before going to bed.

Bask in the morning sun

Exposing the sun in the morning can help stimulate alertness, increase energy, and lift mood. This sunbathing habit can also help you rest better at night.

Basically, circadian rhythms are strongly influenced by exposure to light. The duration of 5 minutes is enough to send a strong message to your biological clock. If morning sunlight is not an option, exposure to bright light in the room also functions. Do not look directly at the sun, just be outside and just stay quiet for sunbathing.

Give pause for caffeine intake

Actually, the first caffeine in the morning does nothing to wake you up. That's because the body naturally works to increase energy that stimulates itself to get up early. In essence, the power of caffeine cannot compete with the body's natural stimulants.

A cup of coffee in the morning can make you nervous and contribute to increasing tolerance of caffeine, the opposite of what should be done by insomnia. So, to get the maximum benefit of caffeine, drink coffee 90 minutes after you get out of bed, and when it's late afternoon.

Don't take a nap

After a restless night due to insomnia, your urge to sleep will be higher for napping. Even taking a nap can keep you awake later. Try not to take a nap so that your fatigue is focused on the rest of the night.

Eat healthy snacks ahead of night's sleep

Research shows that eating a lot at night can cause poor sleep. Different from consuming healthy snacks that provide the opposite benefits.

If you feel hungry after dinner, choose healthy snacks that combine complex carbohydrates and proteins. A piece of toast or banana with peanut butter, for example, can be a perfect snack before bed.

Create comfort in the bedroom

Make sure the bedroom is rather dark, quiet, and not too hot or too cold. If it's too bright, wear an eye patch. If it's too noisy, wear ear plugs or use other sound absorbers to reduce noise.

Do not let insomnia occur for a long time. That's because sleep disorders that occur continuously will also affect the body's organs and metabolism. In addition, do the above tips to overcome insomnia. If symptoms continue, consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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