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6 Ways to make your child more creative

Creativity becomes an important factor for the success of the child in everyday life, such as generating ideas to answer the challenges he is facing. Yes, because the concept of creativity itself is one's ability to create something useful.

Raising a child is not an easy task and requires parents to pay more attention. Do not let the child grow is not optimal because of the lack of good parenting. Therefore, help children by sharpening their thinking and creativity to reach the highest potential point.

Creating one's creativity is definitely not easy. And creative does not appear suddenly, there is a learning process. Creativity grows from everyday experience. And should be stimulated from an early age. Do you want your child to be creative? You can do some tips as follows:

1. Get used to reading books

Make the book a part of the child's life. This can be done in several ways such as giving a reading book, providing a special time for reading activities in the afternoon, or reading a fairy tale with a child before bed.

"Let them pick their own desired book when you take it to a bookstore. Or, register them as members in the nearest library. To make the reading moments more special, provide a small place in the house allocated for reading, which is accompanied by pillows, blankets, and comfortable carpets, "said dr. Nitish Basant Adnani, BMedSc.

2. Involve the child in artistic matters

Not only reading, children also need intake "nutritious" other such aspects of artistic or artistic. When you are telling a story or reading a book, give an idea of any character or character mentioned in the book.

"Discuss with the child about who the bearded man appears on the page of the book, or where the destination of the big ship is full of pirates, or whatever treasure the ship is carrying. This will educate children to see the pictures as illustrated stories, so their imagination will continue to grow, "said dr. Nitish again.

4. Encourage children to exercise

In addition to reading, activities such as sports are also important to do to develop the potential in children. One of the easiest ways to get kids excited about exercising is to make sure they like the activities they do.

When a child loves to play in a swimming pool, swimming can be a sport he likes. This also applies if he enjoys soccer, basketball, badminton, and other healthful activities for the body.

"If your child is the bored type quickly, try to make sporting activities fun. For example, you can bandage it with a race, such as a tug of war, a run, and so on, "dr. Nitish suggests.

5. Give children nutritious food

Even if you do the above three points, but it would not be complete if you ignore the intake of balanced nutritious food for the child. Give food that can stimulate the child's brain development.

Based on food recommendations such as dairy products, wheat scallions, oats, beans, egg yolks, peanut butter, salmon, vegetables, and fruit can provide high nutrients for brain development.

Encourage the child to create his own storybook.

One way, you can collect pictures that once made a child, then ask him to arrange and make a story. Furthermore, you can invite the child to make a mini drama of the story he made. It's so exciting!

6. Get enough rest

Sleep is one way to stimulate brain growth. During sleep, produced growth hormones to restore the body, improve body cells, and build muscles and support tissues.

The density of child activity must be balanced with the rest time. This can be applied by the appropriate nap hour and bedtime.

In addition, help children also instill discipline, sense of responsibility, and tolerance early on. Do not just hone the intelligence and creativity of children, but also teach him to always do good to others.

Teach children to be solutive when facing problems can also be done. Simply put, you can apply this by giving a number of games like crosswords to puzzles.

Nothing more makes the parents happy when they see the fruit of his heart healthy, smart, and happy. Six ways above you can apply to make children more creative and always healthy. Not to forget, the pattern of care and atmosphere in the family environment will make himself grow positively from time to time.

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