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7 Benefits of Playing Music for the Elderly

Consumption of healthy foods can indeed improve the level of health, but that is not the only way. Playing music also has benefits that can stimulate physical and mental health. These benefits can increasingly be felt for the elderly.

Entering old age, a person will experience a lot of decline in body function. The elderly are no longer able to move freely as when they were still in their productive age. That means, various health problems can arise, both physically and mentally.

Despite the age of aging, but do not just accept fate and surrender to aging conditions. Apart from implementing a healthy lifestyle, the elderly can also play music. The benefits are as follows:

1. Train the brain

Can play music does have its benefits when someone has entered the elderly phase.

Playing music, not just playing, yes, but playing music routinely, especially if it's been done from childhood. This habit is known to be good for brain function, which is to prevent dementia. Dementia is the deterioration of all activities of the mind damage or disease in the brain.

Meanwhile, "The Hearing Journal" reports a study of elderly people practicing piano 3 hours a week for 3 months. At the end of the experiment, the elderly showed an increase in processing speed and memory. This improvement was not seen in the group who did not practice the piano.

2. Relieve stress

After a long day, there are several ways to relax. Some people like to read, some like to travel, some like to hang out with friends, some play music as a source of relaxation.

"From neurological research, playing music" illuminates "many parts of the brain, including memory and emotional centers in the limbic system (brain structures that are considered important for regulating emotions and motivation). Playing music can enhance good neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin, "said Rachelle Norman, founder, and director of Soundscaping Source, an organization that focuses on the elderly and music.

For the elderly, Norman suggests not to turn on the television when under stress, especially if it is dominated by news about disasters or riots. For those who can play music, it's better to do it.

3. Make the elderly have a purpose in life

Elderly people tend to experience a decrease in motivation in life because they feel they can not do anything or become a burden on the family. The purpose of life is one that needs to be maintained to stay motivated.

The spirit of life can be maintained when the elderly study or play musical instruments. When learning a new musical instrument, a person will have a new purpose in life.

Learning music does not need to target to be able to master complicated music. Try mastering easy songs. From there, slowly learning might be improved. That way, the purpose of life remains and will create a sense of satisfaction and personal pride.

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4. Fighting loneliness

Loneliness is the main enemy of the elderly. Believe it or not, playing music can be a healthy way to combat the isolation or loneliness that often afflicts. Play one song that is truly mastered, intact from the intro to the end of the song. If you need to sing loudly.

5. Increase in concentration

Many elements of music should not be ignored when playing a musical instrument. As a musician, you must be able to listen to the beat, rhythm, texture, timbre, and so on. The only thing more useful than listening to your music is listening to music in groups. Being in a group can improve concentration skills, by making you focus on overall group harmony.

6. Reducing pain

Some research on mental health has stated that playing guitar can reduce or even cure pain. This is related to listening to music as a pain cure. Playing an instrument is not just a hobby, but it can also be an effective way to cure everyone's pain.

7. Helps Alzheimer's treatment

Mental stimulation involved in playing and listening to music can promote better memory in patients with Alzheimer's disease. In a study conducted on Alzheimer's patients, it was concluded that musical memory can be absorbed far better than the spoken word. This is mainly due to the high passion that formed music so that it can improve attention and memory.

Commemorating International Elderly Day, let us together pay more attention to the health of the elderly, both physically and mentally. One way is by playing music. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of maintaining health, fighting loneliness, making them still have a purpose in life, relieve stress, and train the brain can be felt optimally.

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