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7 Cancer Complications You Need to Know

Cancer complications are often unavoidable. Therefore, this condition must be very cautious. It should be noted that the symptoms of cancer need to be recognized so that they can be treated early. One goal is to avoid complications of this disease.

In the body, there is growth and destruction of cells that occur systematically. But if there is a mutation in a cell that causes growth quickly and uncontrollably, it will form a network called a tumor. If the tumor formed is malignant, this is called cancer.

Cancer itself is classified as a malignant tumor because of its uncontrolled growth. This cancer is able to invade the surrounding tissue so that it can quickly spread. Because cancer generally does not show initial symptoms until a variety of terrible complications arise, this disease is really a concern.

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Cancer complications

Cancer can reduce a person's quality of life, even life-threatening. This disease is said to be very terrible because it can cause various complications. Some of the complications in question, including:


The spread of cancer cells or in medical conditions called metastasis is the most feared cancer. Cancer cells that can invade the surrounding tissue can at any time enter the bloodstream or lymph channels and be carried away to other tissues or organs.

Cancer cells that have spread can make new cancer cells in the organs or tissues that are visited. When this happens, the patient's condition can get worse.

Nausea and vomiting

Symptoms of nausea and vomiting are most common in people with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Weight loss

Weight loss is one of the most common symptoms and complications in cancer patients. This is because cancer cells that grow fast and uncontrolled require a lot of "food" so that they steal nutrients from normal cells.

When normal cells do not get adequate nutrition, the body will break down fat as energy. As a result, the weight will decrease and cancer patients tend to experience a weak body or tired quickly.

Disorders of organ systems

Spread cancer cells can cause interference with normal organ systems. Even in some cases, cancer can cause failure in the organ system.

For example, if cancer grows in kidney tissue, then the kidney organ can no longer filter poisons to be released through the urine. Another example, if cancer grows in the lungs, then the organ will be difficult to expand because it is pressed so that it will cause respiratory failure.


Cancer can cause muscle aches, headaches, bone pain, or pain where it is not known. Pain is usually closely related to the growth of cancer cells in the body.

For example, in the case of bone cancer, which will feel pain is a certain part of the bone overgrown with cancer cells. This pain usually causes people to have difficulty moving while experiencing enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. Moreover, if cancer sufferers are already on chemotherapy treatment, extraordinary pain will be felt throughout the body.


Cancer in non-sterile parts of the bacteria, such as the large intestine, breast, or cervix, can cause complications in the form of infection.


Even though they have undergone various therapies and treatments, the possibility of cancer cells to grow back still remains. This can occur due to two mechanisms. First, cancer cells have just grown due to one thing or another. Secondly, cancer cells that had previously been eradicated turned out to have spread to other parts of the body without being detected.

Basically, cancer complications can be very broad. This depends on the place to grow and the extent to which cancer spreads. However, rather than imagining cancer and its complications, you better change your lifestyle to be healthier. The trick, avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, always eat healthy and nutritious balanced foods, exercise regularly, manage stress well and get enough rest. With all this, it is expected that cancer and various other diseases will not attack you.

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