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7 Keys to successful weight loss after childbirth

Your priority after the baby is born into the world of course is to maintain and care for him wholeheartedly, while ensuring your health remains optimal, especially during breastfeeding. But if you feel less confident or to stress due to a stretchy body weight, there's nothing wrong at first to do some of the things below to help the body return to weight before becoming pregnant.

One scourge that is often the subject of discussion among breastfeeding mothers is that weight increases significantly during pregnancy, but does not go down after giving birth. Not surprisingly, a variety of ways were carried out by mothers to restore their body shape as usual.

Weight gain during pregnancy is actually a normal thing for pregnant women. But unfortunately, based on data obtained from Statista, as many as 50 percent of women in the world are obese after giving birth.

This also occurs in one third of women of normal weight. One year after giving birth, it was noted that the group was obese as well.

Do this to lose weight

From the above phenomenon, it means that weight gain after giving birth cannot be considered trivial. For you pregnant and lactating women, here are some tips you can do to avoid the risk of obesity after giving birth:

1. Carrying a child

Reporting from the Babyologist, holding the little one is not only able to help sleep and strengthen mother's relationship with her baby, but also at the same time improve metabolic processes quickly.

Thus, even more calories are burned, and you will be faster to lose weight. So, don't be lazy to carry your child.

2. Maintain food intake

After you will go into the phase of breastfeeding, where you need extra calories, not just reduce it.

Instead of a strict diet, you better eat foods with balanced nutrition. When you feel hungry, choose healthy snacks like fresh fruit, whole-grain crackers, or low-fat milk and yogurt.

When the breastfeeding period is over, you are allowed to cut extra calories. As a benchmark, you are advised to reduce 500-700 calories per day to reduce 0.5 kilograms per week.

Weight gain during pregnancy is quite drastic, which can be more than 15 kilograms. So, you have to be patient, because it takes longer to lower it.

3. Breastfeeding

One way to lose weight is to breastfeed. Providing breast milk directly to your child can burn 425-700 calories a day.

This is also confirmed by an explanation from La Leche League as an international breastfeeding organization. It was explained that women who breastfed exclusively tend to experience more weight loss at 3-6 weeks after delivery.

4. Exercise regularly

Currently doing sports at home is easier to do. Moreover, with the development of technology, even for nursing mothers, routine exercise is not impossible to do.

You can try aerobic exercise or Kegel exercises at home. If done regularly in a duration of 30-60 minutes for at least 3 times in each week, weight loss is not a mere dream. The point is that discipline must be instilled.

However, before doing so, you are advised to consult a doctor first. Because, the condition of the body after giving birth is certainly not as good as before.

5. Drink enough water

Drinking enough water can help you avoid dehydration and obesity. Because drinking water will make your stomach full faster, so you won't eat too much.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep at least 7 hours a day every day. If you lack sleep, you can gain weight. Research conducted on mothers who only slept 5 hours or less in a day showed that they had a chance of increasing their body weight compared to mothers who slept enough 7 hours a day. Determine the hours of sleep for your baby, make it easy for them to fall asleep by taking a warm bath, singing, or reading a story book. Always follow the schedule every day until your baby is used to.

7. Be patient

Down 2 kilograms per week is a reasonable target. If it's more than this, it's not healthy. You are pregnant and gain weight through a long process for 9 months, so why do you feel the need to rush to lose weight?

Trying to lose weight after giving birth is okay. However, do it the right way and be diligent in consulting a doctor to get satisfactory results. Because, weight loss that is too fast has the potential to cause health problems.

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