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7 Things that make someone not fat easy even eat more

Ever feel jealous of someone whose body is always slender despite eating a lot and sometimes even careless? For one thing or another, there are some people who seem to be born not to be fat. In fact, for those who are thin, it is actually made wonder why the body does not also add a little even though it has a lot to eat. Said people are thin, but what can be said, the body itself that I do not want to be invited to fat.

As revealed in a recent study in rats. The presence of nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase or NAMPT enzymes in fat cells, has been shown to be responsible for the risk of obesity. Mice lacking this enzyme, can not be fat even though many are fed fat.

In humans, the effect of this enzyme on the risk of obesity has never been proven. But beyond that, there are various factors that have long been believed to be associated with the risk of obesity.

1. Genetic

A study in the journal Genes and Nutrition says there are specific gene mutations that affect the fat tissue. The gene, called MMP2, causes fat accumulation and weight gain in women who have it. While in men, scientists found the FTO gene is also associated with the risk of obesity. Fortunate that do not have these genes.

2. Physical activity

Fat occurs when the calorie intake is higher than the rate of combustion. When a person eats in large quantities, then the risk of becoming obese would be smaller when the person has the same high physical activity. To move, the body needs calories which, among others, comes from food consumed.

3. Metabolic rate

Eat a lot and rarely move, but never fat. It is relatively rare, but is possible in someone with a high basal metabolic rate. That is, although not in physical activity, his body still burning calories in large quantities.

4. Dining options

But be careful you know, not fat does not necessarily mean healthy. Less movement, however, will negatively affect the fitness level.

5. Experiencing stress

Stress turned out to have an effect on weight gain even though we actually only consume little food. This happens because of an increase in the hormone cortisol when we are stressed. This hormone can trigger fat accumulation in the stomach quickly even though we actually only eat a little.

6. Lack of sleep

Many people underestimate the importance of adequate and quality sleep time. In fact, if we lack sleep, we will more easily gain weight. This happens because lack of sleep can trigger decreased function of hormone leptin and ghrelin, hormone control appetite in body. As a result, we will more easily hungry and decreased body metabolism system which will certainly make weight easier to ride.

7. Affected by hypothyroidism

Have eaten with little but still weight gain? It is possible that we have hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland is less active so that it does not produce enough hormones. This turned out to trigger weight gain easily.

Equally eat one plate, the effect on weight can vary because the menu choice is very decisive. The menu choices are predominantly high sugar foods and carbohydrates certainly make weight jumping faster, compared to the higher menu choices of fiber. If you want to eat a lot but do not want to get fat, then the fruit is more recommended.

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