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7 Tips to Slow the Aging Process

Aging will be experienced by everyone, without exception. Facial wrinkles, loosened muscles, memory loss, all of which you cannot avoid. However, there are various ways you can slow down the aging.

Actually, the most feared thing about aging is when it arrives earlier. Imagine if you were 30 years old, but there were many wrinkles on your face. Surely everyone doesn't want to experience that.

There are many factors a person experiences premature aging, can be from within the body itself or the environment. "Several factors that can cause premature aging include heredity, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, poor nutritional intake due to lack of vegetables and fruit, often exposed to sunlight and pollution. As mentioned, the arrival of aging can be slowed.

Here are the steps you can take so that aging does not come earlier:

1. Eat well

In the past few decades, processed food has become part of human life. In fact, often eating processed foods can make your body organs disturbed. If they are damaged, a variety of serious health problems lurk, including cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

To avoid aging, try to eat nutritious, balanced foods. Reduce processed foods and avoid sweet drinks. Eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, and lean protein.

2. Don't smoke

Do you still smoke? Stop now. It's never too late at all. Quitting smoking can increase circulation and blood pressure, and drastically reduce the risk of getting cancer. If you find it difficult to stop, do not hesitate to consult a doctor for therapy that is suitable for you.

3. Sports

Experts agree that you have to exercise 30 minutes per day. But as you know, there are obstacles that make exercise difficult to do routinely. The good news is that even doing physical activity for 15 minutes doesn't really matter. Walking or riding a bicycle, including sports that are light and do not need to bother. Remember, any physical activity is better than nothing.

4. Socialize

Socialization keeps you young and helps you get long life. Maintain good and healthy relationships with others. Make sure you stay connected with the people you love.

5. Get enough sleep

Without sleep, humans will not function properly. Experts say that you have to fulfill 6-8 hours of sleep per day. Getting enough sleep will reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce your stress level.

6. Manage stress

Stress, anger, and holding grudges can be very damaging to your body. Try to reduce stress levels in the body in the ways above. Meditating or yoga is also a good choice to help relieve stress. If stress is gone, life is happier, and you will get long life.

7. Enough Proteins and Antioxidants

Protein can keep blood sugar levels stable and maintain cortisol levels. Protein is also important for repairing tissue and building new body tissues. Having enough protein will help you reduce sagging skin, prevent premature aging, and support overall health.

Likewise with antioxidants. To combat free radical damage, you need antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene. To make sure your body gets all these nutrients, always include fruits and vegetables in the daily menu.

The aging process can be slowed by these six ways. Come to think of it, the tips that have been explained are quite easy, but why is it difficult to implement them? Because you don't just need to "want", but also long-term intentions and commitments. Believe that a healthy lifestyle not only keeps you young but also physically and mentally healthy.

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