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7 Ways to prevent children from being obese

Every parent is always expecting their baby is always in a state or healthy condition, but sometimes unhealthy lifestyles make a child experience health problems, such as obesity.

For some parents, having a fat child can be fun. There is also a thought that obese children means healthy. Whereas fatty children potentially obese.

Keep in mind that the disease of obesity does not only attack people who have mature but children are also not infrequently suffer from this one disease. Obesity itself is a disease that arises from the accumulation of fat that is high enough or very high in a person's body to make the weight becomes in the ideal / abnormal border.

Generally, obesity in children is influenced by several factors: genetic factors, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating patterns. In rare cases, obesity can be affected by hormonal problems in children.

Although influenced by genetic factors, not all children with a family history of obesity must be obese. Intake of nutrients and physical activity plays an important role in maintaining the child's body weight is always stable.

Keep in mind that obese children or teenagers are more likely to be obese until adulthood. Then, it will be more difficult to lose weight when it is obese until adulthood.

In the end, obese people are at higher risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Of course you do not want your baby to experience various health problems later on.

Therefore, it would be good prevention of obesity done as early as possible. Here are tips for children not obese.

1. Choose a healthy eating place

Today there are many parents who take children to go to a place of entertainment, such as a playground or mall. This makes children more vulnerable to exposure to unhealthy food choices.

It is important to direct the child to a place to eat that serves a healthy menu consisting of vegetables and fruit. Avoid taking children to eat at fast food restaurants continuously.

2. Serve fruit and vegetables

Each child is encouraged to consume 5 servings of different fruits or vegetables each day. Therefore, you should always present a menu of foods consisting of vegetables and fruits at home. Keep children from the habit of eating unhealthy snacks, which can make them full before eating time.

3. Prepare lunch

By providing lunch when children go to school, you can control what food menu is consumed by the child. Choose foods that are low in sugar and salt. Do not let children eat foods or sweet drinks that contain high calories, but a little nutrients. Do not forget, stock children with fiber sources, such as vegetables and fruit.

4. Create a fun eating atmosphere

Make sure you have regular meal times with your child. Serve the food menu varied, both from shape, color, until the way of presentation. In principle, every food menu should meet the nutritional needs of children, namely carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Adjust the portion to the age of your child. Start teaching the child about the benefits of each food served for his or her health.

5. Do activity according to child's favorite

Doing activities can be useful in burning calories in the body, so also play a role in controlling the child's weight. No need to rush to invite children to exercise, you can invite children to do activities according to favorite or hobby.

For example children are like running. You can invite children to run in the park while introducing a variety of plants, and continued to water the plants. With these activities, can also increase knowledge and increase the love of children to the environment.

Then, gradually, you can introduce the child with a more varied sporting activities so that children do not get bored.

6. Limit the time children play the game

In the current era of technology, can not be denied that the presence of a device makes the child more lazy to move and lead to weight gain. Often children spend time using the device as a medium of entertainment, such as playing games or watching an impression. Therefore, it is very important to limit the time of use of the device in children. Also teach the discipline children to share play time and study.

7. Involve all family members

To start a healthy habit in children, then should the whole family member compact in an example. Children tend to imitate something they see. The earlier you direct the child, the easier it will be to get used to living a healthy lifestyle.

Well, so tips you can try to prevent children from becoming obese. In principle, running a healthy lifestyle should be instilled since childhood, so that children always keep their health and avoid the various diseases in the future. Good luck!

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