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8 Hour Night Sleep Can Make You Look More Beautiful

Want to look prettier without draining your wallet, it's not impossible. Simply by sleeping at least 8 hours every night, your attraction will be more radiant.

According to research, getting enough sleep at night can make the skin look younger and healthier. Not only that, the condition of the body will also be fit and fresh, so that the aura of your beauty can emanate perfectly.

Benefits of Enough Sleep

Here are some positive things you can get from sleeping at least 8 hours each night:

1. Looks younger

Lack of sleep can make the eyes look swollen and the skin of the face becomes pale. The effect gets worse if this happens continuously, such as fine lines and dark circles under the eyes and dull-looking skin. Collagen, a protein that makes skin supple and smooth, will also be damaged by the stress hormone cortisol released by the body during sleep deprivation.

Conversely, when you get enough sleep, your body will produce collagen and growth hormones that can repair cells and skin tissue.

2. Eye bags and fine lines diminish

If you have an eye bag due to lack of rest, you can fade it with a good night's sleep. Likewise with fine lines or wrinkles on the face. These two conditions can be disguised, because during sleep, the body repairs damaged tissue, including the skin. Another positive effect is that you will wake up with glowing facial skin.

3. Improve facial skin

After a day of activities in the sun and pollution, the skin becomes unhealthy. Enough sleep allows the process of repairing skin tissue to run optimally, because the intake of oxygen carried by blood flow to the skin when you sleep will increase. Research also shows that a good night's sleep can slow or prevent premature aging of the skin.

4. Mood is always awake

Sleep can help relax the body and mind. This can have a positive impact on the mood Wake up with a fresh body of soul can make you feel more comfortable.

5. Slim body

Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Why? This condition makes you want to eat anything frantically. When staying up late, the body will also produce more ghrelin (a hormone that makes you feel hungry) and less leptin (a hormone that makes you feel full) when you lack sleep.

The condition of lack of sleep also makes the body's metabolism chaotic. The ability of the body to break down food substances into energy becomes inhibited. As a result, these substances accumulate into fat. However, this will not happen if you get enough sleep.

6. The absorption of facial care products may be more effective

Do you like to use face care creams that contain retinol or retinoic acid? Well, this type of face cream is best used at night. The reason, because blood flow to the skin increases at night, making it easier for the cream to be absorbed quickly. This compound will also work effectively when the skin is not exposed to sunlight.

7. Make you smart

Beautiful is not only seen from the physical. Having a smart brain can also radiate your inner beauty. Well, by getting enough sleep you can quickly absorb new information. The ability to think, concentrate, and your memory will be more optimal when you get a quality night's sleep.

In order to get quality sleep for 8 hours, you can perform certain rituals before closing your eyes, such as taking a warm bath, doing meditation, or reading a book. Avoid consuming heavy foods, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol because it can make you have trouble sleeping.

Turn off all electronic devices, cellphones and lights when you want to sleep. Make the bedroom a comfortable place to rest, not to work or watch TV. While sleeping, it is advisable to sleep on your back. Sleeping sideways can cause fine lines to get worse and trigger wrinkles.

Make sure there are no accessories on the hair while sleeping. Hair accessories can put pressure on the hair follicles and make hair thinner. Finally, don't forget to clean your face before going to sleep to avoid skin problems.



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