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8 These Items Must Be Thrown Immediately For Health

Not using disposable objects can indeed preserve nature from the amount of garbage. However, that does not mean you have to constantly use the object for a very long time. There are times when you have to throw the object in the trash, solely for your health.

Medical facts state that objects that are stored for too long can harm health. There are at least 8 objects that must be disposed of immediately. What are the objects in question?

1. Dried flowers in the house

Putting fresh flowers in the house can indeed enhance the atmosphere. But, if the flower is dry and you let it stay inside the house, it can be detrimental, especially for those who have respiratory problems or allergies. Because dried plants or flowers can store mold spores that trigger respiratory or allergic disorders. In fact, not only disrupts human health, but dried flowers in the house can also endanger the health of pets if accidentally consumed.

2. Makeup that has expired

For women, disposing of makeup or makeup that is still intact but has expired is a very heavy thing. However, you still have to do this. Because makeup that has expired can cause acne, parasites on the skin, infections, and loss of vision!

3. The old dishwashing sponge

The condition of sponges that are always wet and moist is the nest of various harmful microorganisms.

Well, so it doesn't become an object that can move germs everywhere, replace sponge washing dishes regularly. You can also put it in the microwave and boil water for 2 minutes regularly.

4. Spices that have been too long

Most people believe that spices can last forever. In fact, this is not true, even though it is dried spices. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report, imported spices are foods that are more easily contaminated than other food ingredients. As for some of the spices referred to, namely coriander, oregano, sesame seeds, and black pepper.

5. Cheap jewelry

A non-profit organization The Ecology Center tested 99 jewels purchased from 14 cheap stores from all over the country. As a result, they found that more than half of jewelry that cost under 10 dollars contained high levels of toxic chemicals. In fact, 27 of them contain lead exceeding the safe limit (300 ppm) for children's products.

6. Air freshener spray

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, air freshener sprays contain serious poisons called phthalate and several other active ingredients. These poisons can easily affect hormones and reproductive health, especially in children. In men, toxins from air freshener spray can make sperm quality lower!

7. A place to store old contact lenses

The ophthalmologist, Reecha Kampani OD from the Cleveland Clinic recommends that you replace the contact lens container every 3 months. That's because using the same container for too long can accumulate pathogens which lead to the appearance of scar tissue and loss of vision.

8. Pot and pans that are not feasible

Non-sticky pot and pans are made using carcinogenic chemicals called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). When you start cooking with the skillet, it will emit toxic fumes. In the long term, exposure to the smoke is associated with liver disease, thyroid disease, and a decrease in the immune system. Better, discard and replace the pot or pans with stainless steel!

Those are objects that must be immediately removed from the house so as not to interfere with health. In general, these objects are indeed harmless if you replace them regularly with new ones. However, especially for air freshener and cheap jewelry sprays, you should really stay away from them and not be brought back into the house, because they contain dangerous chemicals that can trigger serious health problems.

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